Capsule Travel and Tourism Course in Pune

Travel and tourism is a sector that has been settled for decades now and has had roots for centuries. It is only in recent decades that this area has seen an ever going expansion. There are travel agencies everywhere around the corners of the country. The owners of these companies may or may not have enough experience and knowledge of the sector, but there always are newer changes happening every single day.

There are several travel and tourism short courses for the ones who are looking to pursue an education in the field, but there aren’t always courses drawn up for the ones who already own tourism business. Travind provides travel and tourism courses in Pune for ones who already are into the travel and tourism industry. These courses are specially designed to suit the businesses and businessmen in the industry.

What is Capsule Travel and Tourism Course?

The capsule travel and tourism course is one of the reputed travel and tourism courses in Pune rendered by Travind. It involves the different areas of the sector that will help the ones taking the course to develop their existing travel agency. A capsule course is one of those travel and tourism short courses that cover the knick-knacks of the sector within a short period of time. This can also be chosen as a travel and tourism course after 12th.

Tour packages, travel formalities, air ticketing, etc. are the parts of the travel and tourism industry that are covered in the course. This provides a thorough knowledge of all these aspects of the travel and tourism area. The capsule course will also help you in building your career in travel and tourism and in turn, your agency can create travel and tourism career opportunities for the newbies.

Course Details

The capsule tourism course information in detail is mentioned in this section. The syllabus, duration of the course, its benefits, criteria for applying to the course, and other factors are referred to here.

Travel and tourism course syllabus

The syllabus of the capsule course covers the complete knowledge of the areas that the travel agencies already function in. The tourism course subjects in the capsule course cover the tour packages, travel agency management, air ticketing, travel geography, formalities involved in the travel, management of the travel company and a few other relevant topics. The objective of the course is to help entrepreneurs already in the business to advance their enterprise.

Tourism course subjects

There is a wide range of subjects that are covered in the capsule course. The tourism course subjects for the capsule course are:

  1. Domestic & International Packages : Drafting of tour packages for trips to the native as well as international destinations is attended to in this subject. This helps the travel agents to know what’s best for the customer and themselves as well.
  2. International Air Ticketing :Learning how to use the GDS software for the booking of international air tickets and the related processes are covered in this particular subject. Due to this, your travel agency is not limited to domestic travels.
  3. Travel Formalities : Issuance of visa and passport, foreign exchange, travel insurance, etc. are parts of the syllabus of this subject. Travel formalities are important to ensure hassle-free travel journey.
  4. Travel Geography : One of the most important aspects of drafting tour packages is travel geography. This subject involves the spots of attractions and places to visit in a particular location.
  5. Travel Agency Management : Management and the functioning of an ideal travel agency are taught in this subject. How to progress the benefits of the travel agency, how to make more career opportunities in travel and tourism, are the aspects that comprise the subject.

Eligibility Criteria for Capsule course in Travel and Tourism Course

Since the course is meant for the vendors who provide services for travel and tourism related areas, there are certain specifications for the candidates who are willing to apply for capsule course. The criteria for the application of the course is as follows:

  • Upcoming entrepreneurs in the Travel & Tourism Industry can apply only.
  • Or the applicant must be a business person in Travel & Tourism.

Travel and tourism courses fees in Pune

The capsule tourism course fees for the course along with the instalment plan, mode of payment, and the duration of the course is mentioned below:

Duration: 3 Months

Mode of Payment: Cash/ NEFT/ Paytm / Cheque / DD

Benefits of Capsule Travel and Tourism Course

There are several benefits to the course for the travel and tourism service vendors. Some of the specific ones through the course are:

  • Gain up to date knowledge of Packages, ticketing & Travel agency Management
  • Lectures conducted by the experienced faculties & expert guest lectures
  • Upgradation of Travel & Tourism industry knowledge.

Career in travel and tourism

There are many career opportunities in the travel and tourism industry. After this course, aspiring entrepreneurs can build their careers with different kinds of startups. Some of the areas where these businessmen can progress are:

  • Hotel bookings
  • Travel and tours agency
  • Visa company
  • Issuing travel insurance
  • Transportation services, etc.

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