Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best course for 12th pass student?

Among the many, the best suited and interesting are the travel and tourism courses. There are different areas one can specialize in these courses, for instance, hotel management, travel agency, tour guide, and others. Travel and tourism industry is developing every single day creating career opportunities in the field, therefore, making the travel and tourism courses widely preferred courses.

Why should I choose a career in the Travel and Tourism industry?

One of the ever growing industries is the travel and tourism industry, which in turn is creating numerous career opportunities in travel and tourism. Even the government is now making a huge investment in the tourism sector. Not only there will be an assurance of employment, but the stream also is fascinating and keeps a person involved in it.

Is it possible to prepare for both the courses at the time i.e. IATA course & Sandwich Course?

Yes, it is possible to pursue both the courses, IATA course and Sandwich Diploma at the same time. The courses do not differ a lot from each other as some of the tourism course subjects are quite the same, which makes it possible for you to prepare for both the courses side by side.

What package will the company provide for placements?

The packages for the travel and tourism companies will differ as per post and the requirement of the company or the course that you have pursued. Although, initial placements come with the packages ranging from 13,000 to 17,000. The salary will later increase based on the experience that you gain and the skills that you develop.

What kinds of jobs are available after these courses?

There are several jobs that can be applied to after these courses in travel and tourism. Some of them are listed as follows:
  • Overseas, national & State Tourism office
  • Corporate Travel Companies
  • Airlines wholesale companies/reservation
  • Ground staff at Airport
  • Ticket Consolidators
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Tour Manager
  • MICE
  • Travel insurance companies

Are Placements 100% guaranteed?

The placements provided by the institute cannot be claimed as 100% guaranteed, but we do provide 100% assistance for your placements until you get placed in a well-suited environment. The placements are done in different sectors of the travel and tourism industry where you can practice what you have learned through the course.

Why should I do a Sandwich Diploma Course?

Sandwich Diploma course is a unique course that has been drafted to provide the pursuing students with thorough knowledge of the area of travel and tourism. This course contains theory along with which it also grants the students an opportunity to get trained on the job and get them a paid internship as well. This allows the students to develop self-confidence and own experience even before getting their diploma.

I am 10th pass can I do a Diploma in Travel and Tourism Course?

There is not exactly a particular criterion that does not allow a 10th pass student to pursue a diploma in travel and tourism. The reason our institute does not accept the applications from the 10th pass students because, at the time of internships and placements, the travel and tourism companies generally have a basic requirement that the student needs to be more than 18 years old.

What is IATA?

The International Air Transport Association – works with its airline members and the air transport industry as a whole to promote safe, reliable, secure and economical air travel for the benefit of the world's consumers. IATA's 265 member airlines comprise 83% of all air traffic.

What are the benefits if a student passes the IATA exam?

  1. -Worldwide opportunity
  2. If candidate stands 1st in exam in India he/she is issued a certificate from IATA

What are the benefits of the course to student?

The students have been trained & monitored thoroughly by our esteemed visiting faculties and management team with all the advance teaching aid required to meet the International standards of Travel & Tourism Industry

What are benefits of On-job Training?

Along with Theory, our courses also include “On Job Training”. The course module of Theory Section is now put into practical on this section of the course. The students are provided with this opportunity to implement the knowledge gained in the 1st part of the module. Practical studies are exercised.

What are benefits of Internship?

We also provide Paid Internships to the students where one can gain experience of the Tourism Industry along with remuneration, where students get to know about the working of the company and also get paid with handsome stipend directly from the hired company. Our vision is to create a career for all.

What are benefits of Placements?

An individual’s Diploma is incomplete without Him/Her being placed in a company after the course, so Travind leaves no stones unturned & provides 100% placement to our students & this completes the vision of Travind.We are the official Placement Partners of 26 renowned companies who are well known in this Industry.

Why should I do Sandwich Diploma Course?

As time & tides waits for none, keeping in mind this phrase and importance of time Travind has created a practical oriented Course which takes only 9 months to create a full fledge Travel & Tourism individual. Within the period of completing this course our students will have the certificate of:
  1. Theory course
  2. On the Job Training
  3. Paid Internship

What package will they get for Internship?

The stipend amount varies from company to company, we try for Rs5000/- +

What package will the company provide for placements?

This completely depends on the eligibility of the individual to increase one’s package. The factors that plays a role in Package are: knowledge, experience, willingness etc.