Travel And Tourism Courses in Pune

One thing that will never be satisfied is a human’s thirst for traveling. Since the beginning of time, human beings have always been fascinated with travel. And the tourism industry has become the biggest industry the world has ever seen. As a result, there is an eternal need for professionals in the field of Travel and Tourism. Taking up travel and tourism courses have become a fundamental step in pursuing an exciting career in the field

With the Indian government placing a large emphasis on travel and tourism, and because of the initiatives taken to expand this domain, there are several travel courses, as well as tourism courses in India. Irrespective of the level of your educational qualifications, you can always follow this dream. There are types of travel and tourism course after 12th that take you straight into the industry. There are also a variety of travel and tourism course after graduation if you wish to follow that path. A career in this field can set you up for life. The courses will revolve around developing strong business management skills, communication skills, knowledge about world geography, as well as marketing strategies and other necessary components.

Travind Institute provides the best travel and tourism courses in Pune. With a well experienced and top class faculty, syllabus based on practical knowledge and an impeccable placement record, our organization will ensure that we bring out the best in you. If you are looking for travel and tourism courses after 12th in Pune, or even after your graduation, we are here to help you. With a wide range of courses, you can choose the one apt for your career path.

Sandwich diploma course

Sandwich Diploma

Duration: 9 Months

Get deep insights in Travel and Tourism industry from the experts, on job training & paid internships.

Capsule course

Capsule Course

Duration: 3 Month

A course module exclusively designed for start-ups and entrepreneurs in travel domain.

Fast track training course

Fast Track Training

Duration: 1 Month

Boost your career with fast track courses in Travel and Tourism industry.

Courses Starting Soon

Entrepreneurship course


Duration: 3 Month

If You want to start your own business and implement your own ideas then this travel and tourism course is for you.

International Tour Manager course

International Tour Manager

Duration: 3 Month

We make you an expert in communication, planning, and marketing skills which are the pillars of tour Management.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tourism Courses

What is a career in travel and tourism like? Is it a good choice?

The best thing about a career in travel and tourism is the broad options available to you. With an infinite pool of jobs, you can choose the one that suits you perfectly. From being a travel operator to aviation, there is a wide range of careers you can opt for. Whether it is a good choice or not depends totally on your heart. Do you have a passion for travelling? Do you have the heart to pursue it? If so, this career path is tailor-made for you.

Which is the best course degree or diploma in travel and tourism?

There is no specific answer to this. Both courses have their merits and demerits. A diploma course is a short term course that provides you with the necessary skills to start a career as soon as possible. A degree, on the other hand, takes a long time like 3 years to finish. But a degree will open you up to a more diverse field in travel and tourism.

What are career options in travel and tourism management?

The career options in travel and tourism is a broad spectrum. The fields range from travel agencies, hospitality, aviation, tour managers, marketing staff, tour guides, and so on. With this ever-expanding field, there is no dearth of opportunities. In fact, more and more opportunities are created every year. All you would need is a heart and passion for it.

Is travel and tourism management the best course for girls?

Of course, it is a brilliant course for girls, and guys as well. Since the job requires a passion for it, and a keen enthusiasm, regardless of gender, it has quite a fascinating career path. Even though it may sometimes involve travelling, as the world is way more open and developed now, it is extremely safe for girls too.

Which course is better hotel management or tourism management?

The answer to this depends upon your personal preference and interest. Hotel management deals with a hotel and its day to day activities. Tourism management deals with tour planning, management, and so on. Both these fields have their merits and demerits. Based on these factors, you personally should decide what is best for you.

Does travel and tourism have scope in India?

Yes, it does. India is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. With over 40 billion dollars coming as revenue from the tourism industry, it is one of the most developing ones. Travel and tourism in India is something that will keep on improving. The Indian government themselves have already started initiatives to promote tourism in India. This industry is set to be a top priority in the near future.

What is the best course for travel lovers?

Any of the travel and tourism courses are the best ones for people who love to travel. Due to the wide range of careers, you can get through this, there are courses that are apt for you as per your preferences. These include IATA courses, hotel management, international tour manager, and so on.

How to visit the world through travel and tourism management?

The travel and tourism industry has a lot of opportunities. This includes getting to travel the world sometimes. There are several careers that will let you visit the world such as a travel agent, travel guide, aviation. Taking up one of these courses, and excelling in that field can lead to your dream of travelling.

What are travel and tourism course fees?

The fees for a travel and tourism course depends on the course you enrol in. Since the courses are of different durations, and fields, the fees vary accordingly. It can vary from around 17000 for short term courses and can go up to over 60000 for courses that are longer.

How do I get a job in travel and tourism?

Getting a job in travel and tourism is fairly easy once you take up a travel and tourism course. You can either take a diploma or a full degree. Once you pursue this, you will receive internships, on the job training, etc that will make your career set for life. Along with this, due to the rising opportunities in the field of travel and tourism, there are several vacancies in this field.