IATA Consultant Course - IATA Course in Pune

Not every traveller is aware of the formalities that are involved in the process of bookings and planning a trip. Some sort of help or assistance is normally required for this purpose from the professionals. IATA certified travel agents can aid at this crunch of your travel planning. Getting IATA certification is crucial in order for this job. This is provided after the completion of an IATA consultant course.

Travind offers several travel and tourism courses in Pune which also include aviation courses like IATA consultant course in Pune. It is considered a part of the aviation courses as it mainly deals with the airlines and air ticketing business.

What is IATA Consultant Course?

An IATA consultant is someone who generally deals with travel bookings. There are travel and tourism courses in Pune that concern with IATA training. In this consultant course, IATA training will be carried out for the final IATA certification at the end of the course. Travind’s IATA foundation course in Pune will prepare the students in the area of air ticketing and bookings. IATA consultant course is an advanced level course while IATA foundation course is a basic level course. This IATA course, being one of the aviation courses, provides knowledge about the airways tickets and related aspects and even helps the travel agents to expand the area of their business.

The successful completion of this course will open up travel and tourism career opportunities in distinct areas of the sector. The ones who already are working in the area has scope for the advancement in their career in travel and tourism. The horizons for the opportunities will widen and grant you the experience in the different areas of the sector.

Course Details

Travel and Tourism Course syllabus or What are the subjects of IATA consultant courses?

The IATA consultant course in Pune is an IATA certified course. The IATA course covers the following tourism course subjects:

  • Travel Planning: Geography
  • Land Transport: Rail
  • Land Transport: Bus and Coach
  • Accommodation (other than hotels)
  • Water Transport: Cruises and Private Charter
  • Tour Packages
  • Law and Legislature
  • Package Selling Skills
  • Air Fares and Ticketing

Eligibility Criteria or What is the qualification for IATA course?

Like any of the travel and tourism courses, this IATA course has a particular eligibility criterion for the same. The applicants of this course must follow the eligibility criteria mentioned. The candidate -

  • Must have acquired an IATA foundation course
  • Must hold a diploma in travel and tourism
  • Must otherwise have an equivalent diploma in air ticketing
  • Can be a Travel consultant or a Travel Agent as well.

IATA course fees

Fees:Rs.65,000/- (Including GST 18%)

Career in travel and tourism

There are plenty of opportunities for a career in travel and tourism through this course. Some of the common areas where you can be employed after this IATA course are as follows:

  • Overseas, national & State Tourism office
  • Corporate Travel Companies
  • Airlines wholesale companies/reservation
  • Ground staff at Airport
  • Ticket Consolidators
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Tour Manager
  • MICE
  • Travel Agencies
  • Travel insurance companies

What is the benefit of IATA course?

The IATA consultant course in Pune has its advantages on the national and international levels. Some of the benefits of this travel and tourism course are listed below:

  • Certification from the top association in the field of airlines - IATA, Montreal, Canada
  • Global acceptance of IATA certification
  • Lectures to be conducted by the expert faculties
  • Job opportunities at nationally as well as internationally
  • Knowledge about the airlines and association


"We do not offer IATA Courses. However, the information provided on the website is complete. Only consultations regarding the IATA courses are available with us."

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