Tourism Entrepreneurship Course

Travel entrepreneurship has become quite popular in the last decade. By building a business enterprise in this sector on your own, you aren’t just limiting it to your personal gain, but also create travel and tourism career opportunities. There are plenty of travel and tourism courses in Pune but only limited courses are available in the areas of tourism entrepreneurship.

This tourism course in Pune, provided by Travind is one of a kind. The entrepreneurs who enrol for this course are provided with extensive knowledge of the travel and tourism industry. The tourism entrepreneurship course can prove to be opportune for the ones already in the business.

What is Tourism Entrepreneurship?

Being in the entrepreneurship in travel and tourism, one would know that the sector keeps changing and developing every day, new trends, advancements in the software, and others. The aim of the tourism entrepreneurship course is to provide the businessmen travel entrepreneurship that is updated and has the newest information on the latest trends in the travel and tourism industry.

This tourism course aids in the enhancement in one’s career in travel and tourism. Also, with such a growth in the population and most of India’s population being young, there is a need for the introduction of newer opportunities in the different sectors. Getting involved with the entrepreneurship in travel and tourism will not only make a career for yourself but also will help in giving rise to newer travel and tourism career opportunities.

Travel and tourism course details

Before entering the Institute for real, it is important to get the complete tourism course information which will help in understanding if the course is fitting for your needs and whether you match the eligibility criteria for the same. This part of the page contains all the information that will help you know all the essential details of the course.

Travel and tourism course syllabus

The entrepreneurship travel and tourism course allow the student to get in-depth knowledge of the travel and tourism sector and a specialization in your best-suited area. The tourism course subjects for entrepreneurship course are as follows:

  1. Travel Formalities
  2. Tour Packaging
  3. International Air Ticketing
  4. Role of a travel agent
  5. Operations
  6. New Venture strategy and challenges
  7. Planning New Venture
  8. Finance
  9. HR

Tourism Course Qualifications Criteria

In order to be able to enrol for this course, the applicant should match the eligibility criteria that is listed as follows:

  • Small Scale Vendors already in the sector can apply
  • Travel & Tourism Business persons
  • Agents in businesses like a car rental/ hire service provider, a hotel supplier, etc.

Travel and tourism courses fees in Pune

The tourism course fee structure for entrepreneurship course along with the duration of the course is mentioned below:

Duration:3 Months


Tourism course benefits

There are several benefits of this course to the ones who are already in the business or are willing to get into one. Some of the benefits of this tourism course can be listed as the following:

  • Gain up to date knowledge of your specialized subject
  • Lectures are conducted by experienced faculties
  • Expert guest lectures
  • Polishing of Travel & Tourism knowledge

Career in travel and tourism

What jobs you can get after doing this course?

There is a vast career in travel and tourism for entrepreneurs. Some of the areas for the entrepreneurs to start off their careers are mentioned in the following:

  • Travel formalities
  • Tour Packaging
  • Air Ticketing
  • Hospitality management


“Currently Tourism Entrepreneurship course admissions are closed. Once we start again, next batch information will be updated on this page.”

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