Fast track Travel and Tourism Course in Pune

Travel is a soul-searching movement. Now, working in such a fascinating area with never-ending opportunities can bring non-stop career growth. Travel and tourism is one of the largest industries and is expanding rapidly giving rise to several sub-domains in the field as well.

Travel and tourism courses are found to be quite diverse, some of which, being short term and some long term. Travind renders quality travel and tourism short courses which include tourism courses after 12th as well. And one of the alluring tourism management courses among the travel and tourism courses in Pune is the fast-track travel and tourism course. The course is short and explicit and helpful for those who are willing to boost their career and bring in innovation.

What is Fast-track Travel and Tourism Course?

One among the best travel and tourism courses in Pune delivered by Travind is the Fast-track travel and tourism course. This tourism management course deals with acquiring overall, precise knowledge of the travel and tourism industry. The course was exclusively circulated for the small-scale vendors and the business persons who are already involved with the travel and tourism industry. It is one of the better-known travel and tourism short courses offered by Travind.

When you consider the scope, travel and tourism career opportunities are vast and versatile. This fast-track course shall help in advancing your career in travel and tourism and will let you progress as an individual organization as well. Travind assists the apprentice by providing career counselling and supporting them in other manners too. With the numerous job opportunities in travel and tourism, today's youngsters can choose an out of the ordinary course and thrive to achieve their goals.

Travel and tourism course details

Collecting all the tourism course information before opting for the same is something that is to be done without fail.

Fast-track Travel and tourism course syllabus

The syllabus for the fast-track travel and tourism course covers the overview of the industry. It comprises of the scope of travel and tourism, its uniqueness and how one can make profits in the area, how to advance in a particular domain and other aspects. The courses are rendered by experienced faculty who themselves have succeeded in the industry.

Tourism course subjects

Travel and tourism courses can be pretty comprehensive and vast. They have been, therefore, divided into sub-domains. We at Travind provide specialization for three different major subjects being -

  1. Travel Formalities
  2. Tour Packaging
  3. International Air Ticketing

Travel and tourism courses fees

The course is of one month’s period and deals with the particulates of travel and tourism. The course fees include extracurricular activities that we conduct as well. The tourism course fees structure:

Registration Amount:Rs.5000/-

Fasttrack Travel and Tourism Course Qualifications Criteria

Fast-track travel and tourism course is specific and designed for a particular group. In order to avail the benefits of the course, you must match the criteria of eligibility to be able to apply for the same. The eligibility of the course can be seen as:

  • Exclusively for small Scale Vendors
  • Travel & Tourism Business person etc. (Tourism Industry like- a car rental/ hire service provider, a hotel supplier, etc.)

Benefits of fast-track Travel and Tourism Course

Fast-track travel and tourism course are one of the specialities of Travind Institute. The course has several benefits that follow the course. Some of the reasons why you should opt for this course at Travind are listed as follows:

  • Up-to-date knowledge of the subject chosen as specialization.
  • The faculty is experienced in the area and mentors sincerely.
  • Frequent guest lectures are conducted.
  • Polishing of travel and tourism industry knowledge is followed in the course.

Career in travel and tourism

One can choose among the plenty of domains that offer jobs in the travel and tourism industry. Some of the domains that can be approached to advance your career are listed below:

  1. Air ticketing : Booking tickets for the flights is a business. It is one of the most important aspects of travel and commoners being new to this might make mistakes in the process, therefore, seek assistance.
  2. Travel formalities : The formalities that involve travel are the issuance of passport and visa of different types, also the procedure for Travel Insurance and Foreign Exchange. Providing consulting services for these processes comprise the travel formalities.
  3. Travel Geography :When you are talking about travel geography, it includes jobs like travel guides. Knowing the geography of the location can allow individuals to assist the tourists around.
  4. Tour Packages : At the time of proving budget deals for travel in the form of tour packages, the agent must make sure that he is not going into loss at least. Understand the best ways to draw tour packages as this is another domain that you can excel in.
  5. Travel Agency Management : Under this domain, you can progress your own existing travel agency with the use of all that you have learned in the course. Knowing about the travel and tourism industry, in brief, shall help you in managing your present set-up in a better manner.

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