Recognized By ITT United Kingdom

We are the only Institute in Asia & India which is recognized by ITTUK (Institute of travel & tourism the United Kingdom) Travind’s certificate is accepted worldwide. Through Travind Institute Students can become a member Of ITTUK which will give access to attend their Seminars, Workshops etc

Study Tours

In any kind of education, experience plays a crucial role so we provide our students with various study tours to Hotels, Special events, Airports, Fairs, Travel Agencies etc. which gives them unique educational learning opportunities and helps them gain more practical Knowledge alongside the theory classes provided to our Students


Our Library has numerous collections of Books for our Students and Staffs, which helps them to enlighten the knowledge of the world.Our collection doesn’t limit only to Travel & Tourism related Books. It includes, Monthly Magazines Newspapers, Maps, notes etc. Where one can enhance or intensify his/her knowledge.

Tourism Road Shows, Visits

We are involved in the roadshows of many different states, countries, cities etc. along with our students where they get a chance to know the culture and also a sample of their beautiful life style.There is a direct Interaction with the local people of that particular destination & students.

Complete Practical Module

As providing only theoretical knowledge has now become a passé and incomplete, so Travind provides & focus more on imparting absolute practical Knowledge along with effective theory Class.We entirely believe in Practicality so our every course module has been carefully are also designed based on Practical modules buy the expertise.

Earn and Learn Scheme

One realizes the value and importance of fortune when the earning commence.With careful study, Travind has designed a module which gives the students the opportunities provides a module where one starts to earn while learning. This motivates them to thrive for more knowledge and helps them generate a skilled resume.

Study Materials

We provide a comprehensive set of study materials which are required while completing the course. The facilities includes Book of Tourism Operations & Management, Atlas, Maps & Code sheets, T- shirt, Identity card, Calculator, Pen, Pencil, Ruler, etc.

On Job Training

Along with Theory, our courses also include “On Job Training”. The course module of Theory Section is now put into practical on this section of the course. The students are provided with this opportunity to implement the knowledge gained in the 1st part of the module. Practical studies are exercised.

Choice of Specialization

Every Individual has different choices, different areas of interest. In our institute we help our students to make them aware of their areas of Interest. One can choose any specialization among Visa, Air Ticketing and Tour Packages. According to the preference we also customize the subject module for the required students & Business clients.

Paid Internship

We also provide Paid Internships to the students where one can gain experience of the Tourism Industry along with remuneration, where students get to know about the working of the company and also get paid with handsome stipend directly from the hired company. Our vision is to create a career in travel & tourism for all.