Digital Transformation Trends in Travel and Tourism Industry

Digital Transformation Trends in Travel and Tourism Industry

The World Tourism Day is celebrated every year on 27 September. It is considered as a unique and tremendous opportunity to create a platform for spreading awareness about tourism’s contribution to sustainable development. World Tourism Day 2018 will offer the chance to the people through digital platforms, artificial intelligence, and technological advances such as big data.

World Tourism Day 2018 is not only spreading awareness about tourism but also granting scope for innovation, enhancement of digital technologies and preparing the sector for the future’s requirement.

Digital Transformation Trends in Travel and Tourism Industry

In today’s technology-oriented world, most of the industries are adopting digitalization to meet the demand of the consumer, efficiently and so is the hospitality and tourism industry. The Digital transformation trends have become a hot issue as it is proving to be beneficial for the tourism industry growth. Due to this one can see a bright future in the travel and tourism industry in India. So, while making travel and tourism career, it is essential to know about the digital transformation trends that brings revolution in the hospitality and tourism industry. These trends are mentioned below:

  • Virtual Reality - A Game Changer!

The Virtual Reality which has its origins in the gaming has now evolved and entered into the travel and tourism industry. It is considered one of the ideal ways of travel brands marketing and promotional campaigns. It offers an outstanding experience of viewing lovable sights with an exotic adventure within a comfortable zone.

  • AI and Chatbots - A remarkable option!

The chatbot is proved as a boon for the travellers as it offers the option to ask a question regarding the timings of the flight, any queries about the delay of the flight from anywhere. It has become possible only because of the emergence of Artificial Intelligence. With the help of AI-powered apps and technology, the guests can access the information at any time they need, right from their phones in the form of an e-concierge.

  • IoT ( Internet of Things ) - A Boon!

From creating new businesses to sharing everything on mobile apps, it has the capacity to offer everything you want. It helps in improving the customer services as the IoT data tells them the customer has visited their resort every year for the last three years. It can automatically send a message proactively asking the guest if they’d like to make another booking in the coming year. By knowing this one can also make special arrangements for the old guests. Hence, it can impress the visitors and they will be likely to come more and more.

  • Wearable Technology - The Best Choice!

Nowadays, Wearables technology has increased the comfort of tourists. It is a wearable device in the form of a mini screen which helps in providing useful information such as reservation information, QR codes, boarding pass reminders, gate updates, and the entire associated data that is necessary to make the journey convenient. It is also designed to increase the overall experience of the traveller. Therefore, it is considered the best choice as it provides a luxurious holiday effectively and efficiently.

  • Big Data Analytics - A Great Option!

It plays a vital role in tourism industry growth; to identify travel patterns, consumer trends, and business opportunities, a sound Big Data Analytic strategy has become indispensable. Numerous business players in the market have already adopted big data analytics to deliver real-time, personalised and targeted travel experiences in the best possible manner. It not only helps in increasing customer satisfaction but also promotes a good image of the company among the competitors.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Moulding Travel and Tourism Industry

With the increase in technology, AI has entered into the travel and tourism industry at a fast pace. Hence, it is a great idea to make a travel and tourism career. Here are some of the points that showcase the role of Artificial Intelligence in moulding travel and tourism industry in India as well as abroad.

It Allows Future Predictions!

The artificial intelligence helps the travel and tourism companies to prepare an outstanding and well-organised offer based on buyers' needs and preferences. Consumer's past behaviours can be analysed with the help of sophisticated software to predict future buying actions. The astonishing observations and calculating operations can help travel companies make the most out of their target audience's online activity pattern.

It can easily aid in predicting which ad space is more likely to generate better conversions. It can help in numerous ways such as it assists in making the business of buying and selling ad spaces smarter, making travel companies empowered to target online travellers more efficiently. With the current pace of advancement, the next generation is all set to see a radical transformation in the way it lives, works and travels. Hence, there is more and more focus on enhancing the use of artificial intelligence.

It Helps in Maintaining Good Customer Relationship!

As we all know that a healthy customer relationship is vital. It not only aids in maintaining a good relationship but also help in developing a long-lasting relationship with the client. It helps in collecting data that cover everything from their age, gender and dining preferences to their interests and profession.

These kinds of information can be used during a customer’s trip to keep service at extraordinary levels, as well as being applied between bookings to lure travellers back in the right way. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to make this possible just by doing a few clicks.

Wrapping Up!

Therefore, with the above advantages, you can make an incredible career in the travel industry. To get the best institute, you must use the Google search engine to reach the outstanding institute as numerous marvellous travel and tourism institutes are available on the internet.

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