How Travel & Tourism Industry Works

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Travel and tourism play a very important role in every part of the world. With the advancement in technology and improvement of transportation, the travel industry has boosted much in last 10 years. With the increase in technology, there is a large number of evolution of trends in the travel industry. People have started booking their trips online from a portal instead of visiting a travel agent. Also, travel agencies have upgraded their services to cope up with the changing scenario.

Looking at the latest scenario, the online travel industry is a large boost. There are a number of companies who provide services to the guest right from booking the airline to planning the itineraries for them and managing all the accommodation and food. It has become a one-stop shop for guests making it easy to book for everything at one place. Also, online travel industry plays a big role in developing the overall travel and tourism services. A lot amount of time is saved as well as the physical paperwork which is to be done in the manual bookings.
While the recent trend in the online travel industry is boosting, the traditional way of booking through a travel agent is still working. The primary reason people prefer the travel agents over online portals is the guarantee that you get. With the travel agents, you can actually have a talk with the agent regarding all the queries and details you need. Also, another benefit of booking through travel agents is, that you get educated about all the hidden charges and taxes that you might not notice while booking through portals. Thus the online travel industry works on the better marketing while the travel agents are solely working on word of mouth policy and the services they provide.
Considering the rate at which the travel industry is growing day by day, it is estimated that in coming years it would be the world’s largest industry. Travel and tourism industry plays a big role in the economy of every country. This also helps the country to promote good relations. Thus if we look at it, the whole travel industry is working on the people wishing to see places and travel to learn different cultures and much more things. Also, with the increasing number of smartphone users, there is more scope for the future of online travel industry in the market.
Looking down at the future of travel industry, it can be predicted easily with the growth in technology and betterment of services, that space tourism will be a part of the industry in coming 10 years. Also, the travel industry in India is growing rapidly day by day. Due to a large number of people who do not visit the foreign locations often, it is easy for the Indian markets to promote the travel more and offer better services to travel throughout the country. And the increase in a number of smartphone users has paved a way for online portals to boost their sale upon a higher scale in India. 
Thus, looking at the current statistics and trends in travel and the tourism industry, it can easily be the fastest growing industry in coming years.

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