6 ways travel & tourism is transforming India

Travel has become an integral part of human life, it’s not just a fun or leisure activity now. Today, travel and tourism trends are changing at rapid speed and statistics are updated quickly. The industry is changing and has compelled us to travel cross oceans, fly in the sky, climb mountains, explore land and many more ways to interact with the nature and traditional cultures around the world.

“We become better people when we travel, Travel has become a way of life.” At celebrations for World Tourism Day, UNWTO Secretary-General Taleb Rifai said

Over 25 years, India has witnessed dramatic growth in tourism and has shown the most remarkable socio-economic impacts. In India tourism is one of the large service industry contributing a good percentage to national GDP and providing 8.78% of the total employment.

Here in this article, we’ve delved some of the key ways that give complete insight into the growth of tourism, as it has become a vital source of livelihood.
Well, check out these 6 ways really transforming the tourism and lives in India and around the world.

1. Travel & Tourism brings economic opportunities
There are many ways and sectors to sustain the livelihoods, but travel and tourism can harness the spirit of a community by creating employment within the industry in sectors like hospitality, retail and transportation etc. As growth in tourism is directly proportional to the economy of the country. It increases the GDP growth of the country by providing opportunities to the small-scale business enterprise for their living, especially in rural communities and generates extra tax revenues. Hence, there are a lot many career opportunities in the tourism industry in upcoming years as the growth rate of the industry is increasing day by day.

2. Socio-environmental impact
Tourism doesn’t just drive our global economy, but also act as a channel for the growth of local communities and the rural areas of the country as they are full of heritage that reflects the country richness and also gets recognized by the world. Tourism encourages the preservation of traditional customs, festivals, handicraft and numerous things that showcase the country culture by providing the source of employment.

3. Exploring and protecting biodiversity
Species are the building blocks of Earth's and provide life-balance systems and we all depend on them. Tourism helps to protect and explore the biodiversity as it focuses the nature and ecotourism that protect the wildlife and natural resources of the country.

4.It Pushes the boundaries of research
Travel and tourism, is key to many hidden facts, the most exciting aspects of it is - it helps to explore the culture, species, horizons and many more hidden facts about nature. That helps to drive many scientific and research facts that have huge impacts on our society.

5. Travel & tourism underpins community development
Tourism act as a catalyst for the development of a society which includes - education, hospitality, an awareness campaign, agriculture - as a result of tourism activity. Adding an investment to these can improve and transform the lives of people who live and work on tourist destination and places.

6. Enhance and creates local networks and support 
Tourism not only creates international global economy but plays the equal role for promoting the growth in local communities and networks by proving economic growth to the local people as well as make people aware about our own culture of the country.

Some Positive Impacts are-
Generating Income and Employment
Source of Foreign Exchange Earnings
Preservation of National Heritage and Environment
Developing Infrastructure
Promoting Peace and Stability

Over the years the tourism has opened many channels to boost the travel and tourism industry. Both international and national communities are rising up to the power of tourism as an agent of change — now it’s time for businesses, destinations, governments, and travelers to make sure we keep up the momentum. The government and authorities are also taking a lot of effort to promote tourism across the world. Increasing the economic success GDP growth that does not always translate into inclusive and sustainable growth, the social benefits and all other sectors.

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