Importance Of Practical Education In Tourism Industry

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Tourism is an applied subject field and the tourism-related studies should combine knowledge with practical exercises. Practical learning bridge the gap between academics and industry within which students learn how to act proficiently. With the increase in a number of travel companies and travel agencies, it is very important for institutions to provide interested candidates with comprehensive tourism training. Moreover, the travel and tourism is a service sector which suggests, the practical skills are far more important than that of the academic knowledge. It is very important for the students to get the practical skills before getting into the industry.

Let us have a look at few reasons why practical education is important in travel and tourism industry -

1) Exposure – The primary reason behind the importance of practical learning in the tourism industry is the kind of exposure students receive by going out in the industry and opting for training sessions. You really get to meet hundreds of new people which help you to get a new perspective on things in your life as well as in your workplace.

2) Skill Development – There are numerous travel and tourism courses which offer theoretical education on the subject. But it is very important at the same time to help students gain the necessary skills required for work in the tourism industry. Thus, it is very important to impart the travel and tourism skills for work in students in order to help them grow in the industry and work efficiently. 

3) Industry Work – It is very important for you to understand well about the working conditions and everything before actually getting into the industry. Thus, having the practical education in tourism greatly helps students in getting acquainted with the working of the industry. This helps them to work effectively in the industry after the completion of the course. 

4) Learn From Mistakes – There are certain skills for tourism students that are necessary to work effectively in the industry. Practical education can help the students to get an opportunity to learn from their mistakes in the early stages. It is very important to understand the framework of the work and learn from the amateur mistakes before getting into the industry. Thus, practical education is a great opportunity for them to make mistakes and learn from them, which eventually helps them to work hassle free in the industry. 

5) Interest Finder – Practical education is greatly important for students to test their knowledge in various sectors in the tourism industry. This can help them to identify their interest in the particular niche and work more hard in that particular sector of the tourism industry. Thus, practical education is as important as the theoretical education. Many times, students know everything about the industry theoretically but when it comes down to practicality, they might get confused. Thus, practical education can help greatly for students to identify their interest and work towards developing their skills required in the particular field. 

Thus, the importance of practical education in tourism is undeniable as it greatly helps the students to achieve more and get acquainted well with the industry before entering the field on travel and tourism.

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