Study These Travel & Tourism Courses For A Bright Future

Thumb study these travel tourism courses for a bright future

Travel and Tourism is an Industry of the twenty-first century. The age of Information and Globalization made the world such a small place. Now, one can travel from one part of the world to the other part in a concise period. The purpose of travel could be different such as business, tourism and migration.

It’s a booming industry with tons of business opportunities and growth. Therefore most of the nations are heavily investing in the tourism and travel sector. Countries are relaxing visa norms and developing the nations into a tourism capital so that the travelers around the world come to see their heritage and enjoy the leisure and hospitality offered by the host nation.

India is an only multilingual diverse country which is recognized all over the world just for their culture, hospitality and tourism. In recent years India has started to invest heavily in travel and tourism such as cleaning rivers, promoting the destination, bilateral ties with international countries.

Indian Government is establishing new platforms of tourism in India to attract more and more global travelers. Organising FIFA U17 in 2017 was a bold move; as a result, numerous football supporters from Europe were tempted to visit India. Ecotourism has been a point of attraction; many developments are still undergoing to support "make in India initiative".

The development in tourism and travel industry gives a different boost to the overall progress of the nation. Now there are ample job opportunities in the sector of travel and tourism, so if you are a travel enthusiast and looking for an exciting career in travel and tourism then here we are with some courses that will help you to understand travel and tourism in depth.


What are the best options for travel and tourism?

To get a job in any industry, you need to have the desired education or experience. In travel and tourism, you need to possess practical knowledge and fantastic communication skills. But now the question arises which are those popular courses in travel and tourism by which you can secure your future.

When we say education, first thing comes to our mind is classrooms. But not all classrooms have four walls.

In travel and tourism Industry education is more practical and social than theoretical and boring lectures. Short term courses and long-term courses are available for the graduates and non-graduates.

If you are working professional and serving in the field of IT, and travel fascinates you, then you need not worry, being travel enthusiast you can switch to this exciting industry without compromising much.

Entrepreneurship in Travel & Tourism By Travind Institute 

Entrepreneurship in the modern world is about transforming the world by initiating social change, creating an innovative product or presenting new life-changing solutions, this change can be brought by the right education and Entrepreneurship course in Travel & Tourism By Travind Institute. This course will surely help you to develop new business ideas, grow a successful business and help the nation by creating job opportunities.

This course duration is of 3 months and appropriate for anyone interested in starting or growing a running business in travel domain. One can join without hampering ones daily routine by sparing some time at evening or on weekends; this course will help you learn the following subjects.

Travel Formalities
Tour Packaging
International Air Ticketing
Role of Travel agent
New Venture strategy and challenges
Planning New Venture
How to sustain

Sandwich Diploma in Travel & Tourism by Travind

Travel and tourism industry is proliferating nowadays. This industry invites the younger generation who has successfully cleared their board exams. Travel and Tourism have ample job opportunities for everyone. It has become a vast industry in very less period having many government tourism departments. This career path is for those who love traveling and wants to make their interests as a career.

So how sandwich Diploma in Travel & Tourism will help you to succeed in this field? This course provides you with the broad exploration of the tourism industry. One can get expertise in the above specializations as we focus more on practicality.

Subjects that will be covered in Sandwich Diploma in Travel & Tourism

  1. Travel formalities
  2. Tour Packaging
  3. International Air Ticketing

Key Skills You’ll Learn:

  • Excellent leadership & Entrepreneur skills
  • Handle customer query on passport & Visa requirements
  • Sales of Air-ticketing, hotel accommodation, Cruises, rail travels and other Tourism Product
  • Complete Application knowledge of GDS, Global Distribution System
  • Planning of suitable itinerary as per the requirement of the client & Industry
  • Acquire real-time experience in the industry
  • Absolute Practical knowledge with 24/7 assistance from travel experts


Jobs Opportunities in Travel and Tourism:

  • Overseas, National & State Tourism office
  • Corporate Travel Companies
  • Airlines wholesale companies/reservation
  • Ground staff at Airport
  • Ticket Consolidators
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Tour Manager
  • MICE

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