Why Career in Travel and Tourism?

Why to Choose The Career in Travel and Tourism?

Choosing the right career is very tricky, I have seen many people who regret after taking the admission in different fields like engineering, Medical, etc. Therefore, I will suggest you follow your passion as it is the matter of your life. If you love travelling, making the career in travel and tourism is the best option for you!!!

Why Travel and Tourism Industry?

While searching for the courses for the career, there must be various questions in your mind that why Travel and Tourism Industry? what is the scope in travel and tourism? What is the future of travel and tourism industry? Is it worth making a career in the tourism industry? You will get an answer to such questions in this blog, which will definitely benefit you in solving your queries. First of all, let us see the present scenario.

In today’s modern world, the scope of travel and tourism is becoming more and more; people are moving towards establishing their career in the tourism industry as they believe in fulfilling their dreams. For numerous years the tourism industry is growing at the fastest pace. New destinations have been included with the help of development, which has turned this industry into a key driver for socio-economic progress.‎

The scope of travel and tourism is increasing day by day, it is explained in the points mentioned below:

  • The business or profit from the travel industry is equal to or more than that of oil exports, ‎food products or automobiles industry.
  • It is not only restricted on the national level but has crossed the boundaries, which aides in generating several sources of income for both developing and developed countries. Due to these things, there has been an enhancement in diversification and competition among destinations.
  • Because of the global spread, the tourism industry has generated numerous employment opportunities in the sectors of heritage, pilgrimage, agriculture, telecommunications, etc.
  • The scope of the tourism industry is becoming huge, one can easily fit himself/herself in various types of tourism fields such as Ecotourism, Heritage Tourism, Medical Tourism, Adventure Tourism, Cultural Tourism, Pilgrimage Tourism, and much more.
  • The revenue generated from the travel industry decides the economic well-being of the country.
  • The UN agency is also dedicated to the tourism industry and hence, UNWTO is highlighting especially developing countries that stand to ‎benefit from sustainable tourism and acts to help make this a reality.

    “Income through international visitors and tourism goods are expected to increase to US$ 51.4 billion in 2019.”

    “Despite the several obstructions due to the global meltdown the revenues from tourism is expected to increase by 42 per cent.”

So, if anyone will ask from you that why tourism? You can mention him/her about the scope of tourism through the reference of the above points.

Benefits of Making Career in Travel and Tourism Industry

There are numerous advantages of choosing the career in travel and tourism which are given below:

Job Opportunities: Because of a large range of scope in travel and tourism, you will not be stuck in any corner. Tourism courses can easily accelerate your career as a Travel Consultant, Tour Manager, Adventure Sports Activity Manager, Tourist Guide, Event and Conference Manager, Air Cabin Crew or Airport Ground staff and many more.

The Future of Travel and Tourism industry is bright: These days more and more startups are coming up, which will help in increasing the marvellous opportunities. Hence, there are zero chances of a recession. So, you can enter in the field without taking tension of losing a job because of the problems occurred due to the recession. 

Offers Evergreen Skills: The tourism courses will provide you with the evergreen skills. Hence, you can travel to any part of the world and you don’t need to make any other efforts for working in any corner of the world.

Outstanding Perks: There are excellent chances of making stupendous incentives, general bonus, tips, and discount travel so that you can enjoy visiting in various parts of the world. If you are working in a seven-star hotel, the total amount of tips from the guest may become more than your salary.

Provides Creativity: As we all know that it is a people-oriented industry, which means it offers creativity as one has to make sure that the visitors are enjoying the tours and taking good experience at their home. This will help in building a good image of the company among the clients and hence, the profit will boost up.

You Can Build Good Communication Skills: It is the foremost priority as a whole business relies on the friendly customer relationship, the ability to work well with people and facing a lot of challenges. It will help you in learning a lot in your life.

Involves Multiple Areas: It is not a 9 to 5 work where you are stick to the same things. Here you will find new things every day, which will help in making your day. It will fill enthusiasm in your life and you can put more efforts into the work.

You can have fun while working: While working in the tourism industry you will be open to various adventurous things such as climbing, sailing, going on course trips and much more. It is the most amazing thing which you will not get anywhere.

It’s a growing industry: The future of travel and tourism industry is brilliant as more and more jobs are increasing in an effective and efficient manner. With the help of several Government schemes, the scope in travel and tourism tend to increase more as it was expected.
Explore different parts of the world: By making a career in travel and tourism industry you will be able to explore several parts of the world and you show off on Facebook and Instagram by sharing photos clicked at a famous tourist spot.

Last But Not The Least!!!

If you want to take the above advantages, you must scrutinize the internet facility to enrol yourself with the best institutions of travel and tourism management as they will help you in making an outstanding career in the tourism industry in the best possible manner.

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