Career in Travel and Tourism after 12th

With the growing popularity of the sector, upcoming youngsters are extensively majoring for a career in travel and tourism. There is a huge scope in this field as well if you opt for a career in tourism after 12th. This way, you can start off soon and have a successful position in the sector at a considerably young age. There are various institutes that have introduced courses for the same. It is also important that you choose the best college for travel and tourism in India as not every institute can prepare you for the best careers in the area.



Travel and Tourism in India

There are several benefits of tourism in India. The sector has proved to be advantageous to people in different areas. The travel and tourism industry in India is thriving to be the topmost in the country. It therefore becomes essential to the youngsters to understand the importance of tourism in India as in this era of unemployment, travel and tourism industry has the ability to help solve the issue.

The Ministry of Tourism, India has now been focussing on the development of the scope of travel and tourism management to create more areas of employment so that the seekers can get a job in tourism sector in government. To get into this you may require to acquire course in travel and tourism.

Travel and Tourism Courses in India

In India, travel and tourism courses provide specializations in different areas providing various options to the ones looking for jobs in the sector. With travel courses, you can get jobs in the areas like ticketing and bookings. There are specific courses with specializations in different areas of the travel and tourism industry. These courses can be classified as full-time and part-time courses. Full-time courses are long-term courses that give you a graduate degree and a postgraduate degree later. Mostly, these courses are acquired after 12th.



Travel and Tourism Course after 12th

You can avail travel and tourism courses after 12th from certified travel institutes across India. These courses can be classified as following:

Part-Time Courses

Short term courses in travel and tourism are of different kinds. The time span for these courses ranges from about 3 months to 6 months or even a year in some cases. It depends on the type of course that you have chosen. Some of the common courses are listed as follows:

    • IATA courses
      • IATA Foundation course
      • IATA Consultant course
      • IATA GDS fares and Air Ticketing course
    • Tour Manager courses
    • Sandwich Diploma in Travel and Tourism
    • International tour manager
    • Tourism entrepreneurship

Full-Time Courses

The long term tourism courses are graduate courses that last for up to a period of two to three years. After the completion of this course you will get a degree in travel and tourism. The full time courses include:

  • Undergraduate Degrees
    1. BBA in Travel and Tourism
    2. BBA in Air Travel Management
    3. BBA in Travel and Tourism Management
    4. BBA in Hospitality and Travel Management
    5. BA Travel and Tourism
    6. BA in Tourism Studies
    7. BA in Travel and Tourism Management
    8. BA in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management
    9. B.Sc. in Travel and Tourism Management
    10. B.Sc. in Hospitality and Travel Management
    11. Bachelor of Tourism Studies
    12. Bachelor of Tourism Administration
    13. B.Com. Travel and Tourism Management

Careers in Travel and Tourism Industry

The industry has created travel and tourism career opportunities in different areas. The industry is a sector that has encountered considerable growth in the past few decades. The sector has an incessant scope offers a booming career in travel and tourism. Since it is a group of sectors that have come together to form into one sector comprising of all the travel and tourism related businesses and organizations, it plays a role on different areas.


With its reach in even the smallest of businesses, scope in travel and tourism management has been immensely provided. The industry is spread throughout the world giving rise to domestic and international careers in tourism. People from different areas of life are employed in the sector. The economy of this fascinating sector contributes more than 9 per cent. Acquiring a travel and tourism course can help you set foot in this vast industry and your career in travel and tourism will get a head start.

Scope of Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism scope is rendered with employment opportunities in tourism. The scope of studying in travel and tourism can be seen in various areas like transportation, tour management, travel insurance companies, entrepreneurship and others. 

Jobs in Travel and Tourism Industry

There are new jobs in tourism for freshers which can even be found in the government quotas. Some of the areas and the jobs provided are as follows:




Transportation is one of the largest sectors of the travel and tourism industry. Over 1.4 million workers in the Indian Railways has made it the largest employer in the world. Well, railways are not the only sector that providing job in tourism. Transportation in the travel sector is about the different kinds of transports like travel buses, airlines, car bookings and rentals, among others. Even the diploma courses certified by IATA grant opportunities in the airlines. For instance, the IATA GDS Fares and Ticketing course will train you for the estimation of prices of air tickets using the GDS (Amadeus) software.

Hotel and Hospitality industry

It is one of the vital aspects of this tourism industry. Accommodation is the sector that deals with hotels and lodging. These include bookings for hotel rooms or apartment or villa bookings. On long lasting trips that involve overnight stays, getting an appropriate place to spend the night is a priority for most people. Diploma in travel and tourism specializing in Hotel Management will get you employed in this sector. Hotel Management is actually a higher classification of Hospitality Management, but a part of it also plays a role in the travel and tourism industry.

Tour Management

Planning the trip is the first thing you do once the destination is decided. The course of the trip, what to see, where to make the stops, and other details comprise planning of a full-fledged tours. Tour management is about planning and making the trip comfortable for the travellers. Tour managers are the assistants who control and conduct trips and go on the journey with the travellers. A diploma in tourism management will prepare you for how to give the customers the best trips of their lives. Handling of clients, managing the tour, planning the day, taking care of emergencies and inconveniences, are the aspects that are covered in this diploma.


Among the many sectors in the travel and tourism industry, a sector that employs enthusiasts in the field is MICE. The full of MICE is Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions, which comprises of management of tours and trips for different types of events. This involves the arrangement of conference halls, sending invites, and transportation for the attending visitors, foods and beverages, and a few others. A course in travel and tourism will educate you in the area allowing you to pursue a career in the same. Tour management courses, air ticketing, etc. are how you can get employed in MICE. These could be through short term or even long term courses.

Travel agencies

Travel agencies are at the base of the industry. At the time of travelling to a new place or making multiple stops or just touring, travel agencies can make the trip successful. Common people do not necessarily know about the formalities that follow and might need assistance in different parts of the trip planning. Travel agencies are what provide help at such instances. These are the consultancies that help you in planning your trip and getting you reservations and a comfortable trip. If you have pursued a degree in travel and tourism or even a diploma, travel agencies are one of the best places to work. You get to deal with different customers and get to plan trips for various locations and other such tasks.



Travel Insurance Companies

The travel insurance companies deal with the issuance of health insurance for your trips. Travel insurance is a mandatory document for international tours, mainly for the long term visas. With this, your medical bills and the accidents or injuries that you may come across during your stay abroad are covered in travel insurance. There are criteria set for the amounts of travel insurance by the countries that you are visiting, you need to have a minimum balance to be able to travel and support your travel and stay. After successful completion of your degree, you can get into this sector as well. The pay scale for jobs in this area is good enough even for the freshers and anyone from any field can apply for a diploma course as well.

Tourism offices

Government tourism offices are the departments that work at plenty of tourist locations in the country. These are one of the major providers of government jobs in travel and tourism. Tourism department jobs deal with various duties like cleanliness and maintenance of tourist locations, development of the infrastructure, adhering to issues with the tourists and other related individuals like the tour managers and tour guides, and other tasks. Getting a degree or a diploma in travel and tourism will land you with a job in this sector with the security of having a government job.

Tourism Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is one of the most preferred career options for most of the youngsters of this generation. There is huge scope for tourism entrepreneurship in the sector in the coming years. Owning a company in an industry that is ever growing and even get a chance to create more jobs in tourism for freshers, you can congratulate yourself for that. Tourism entrepreneurship includes startups like a travel agency, car rentals, apartments and villa bookings, air ticketing, and plenty of others. By pursuing a course, you can get to have a successful business and even create travel and tourism career opportunities.

There are other graduate and postgraduate degree courses in travel and tourism industry as well. One of the major differences in the degree courses and diploma courses is that the diploma courses start off your career sooner than the graduate courses. Sandwich diploma course in travel and tourism by Travind is of the pristine courses that allow the students to learn from more than just books and theory. It can even be pursued as a choice of travel and tourism course after 12th. The curriculum involves practical on-job training and a paid internship afterwards as well. It covers different areas of the travel and tourism industry. This course has placed everyone who has completed it successfully at a job that’s best suited for them.

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