Courses after 12th

One of the most important yet difficult decisions is choosing among the wide range of courses after 12th. Students from different streams face this complicated decision once they have finished their high school. Apart from the most common choices like medicine and engineering, there are multiple other areas that have the ability to provide a wide scope to the students. Travel and tourism courses after 12th, others related to science and arts like psychology, literature, economics, astronomy, microbiology, zoology and several other options are also available to the students.

What after completing class 12th?

Apart from the external pressure, there sure are a lot of questions one can have after the completion of their class 12th. Well, there is one thing that can be done, and that would be listing your interests and strengths. This is will help in knowing and choosing what would be the best career option after 12th. You can choose something that is common in the lists of your strengths and your interests. This will only relieve the stress and clear the head to make the best-suited and most feasible career choices.

Why is it an important decision?

Choosing among the courses after 12th is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your life. Not necessarily, but the choice of course that you will make, will decide your future career choices as well. The further education that you are aiming for, the earning medium you may opt for, or any other career-related decision you make may have a huge impact from the course you choose after 12th. 

If you feel the need, you can even ask your elderly for their thoughts as this can give you an outsider’s look on the choice to be made. You can even consider getting a professional career counselling so that it becomes easier for you to make choices that are pertinent to you.

Why is it a difficult decision?

Making this very decision can come on to be quite strong and could be pretty stressful as well. This is very common. The dilemma is human and you can take not too long but long enough to make this choice. There are plenty of courses after 12th, hence, it can be quite a difficult decision. It can also be this difficult as there are a lot of them seem interesting and have a scope for future development. Havings interests, as well as potential in various fields, can also make the process of decision-making even more complicated and will demand more time. 

How to choose the right Graduation Course?

Making a choice can be quite time-consuming. You can get on with the researching and listing the career options after the exams have been completed. There sure are courses that are specific to the stream while others are not. Therefore, you don’t have to limit your choices to your stream and you can explore what other options that you have other than your stream. There is a pattern that you can follow to help you through the decision-making.

  • List your interests

The first thing you can do after the completion of your high school is listing out your interests. These can vary as per your strengths. You may also come across a few areas on your list where you know that you are good at something but however, it is not really an interest or a career choice for you. You may have multiple interests in various areas which might confuse you even more. Well, there are a few other steps you have to take after you know what your interests are. You can then list the courses that match your interests. You don’t have to limit them to full-time courses, you can even add certain short term diploma courses as well.

  • Understand the courses

When you have your list, all you have to do is understand the courses and their relevance to your interests. With multiple courses after 12th being available to choose from, you need to understand the courses and the subjects and majors it has to offer. For instance, travel and tourism courses have various kinds of subjects, these may be related to the tour guide course, tour manager course, IATA courses and several others. Before choosing any of these, you can first understand what each course has to offer to your interests and strengths.

  • Scope of the courses

Once you know what course or courses after 12th are best-suited for yourself, you can then research on which one of your choices has the most providing scope and you can have a successful future based on your choice. It is important to all of us that we chose courses having good scope in future. You can consider the job opportunities that there are or any kind of further education opportunities you would have by opting for any of the courses from your list.

Talking about courses and their scope, there are courses that are stream specific and then there are non-stream specific. You don’t necessarily have to stick to your stream, there are a certain courses that are available to candidates from any stream. A good example of the non-stream specific courses would be travel and tourism courses after 12th. These courses are available to applicants who are from any of the streams. On the other hand, there are courses that are specific to the streams. These are generally the bachelors’ courses that provide major in one or two subjects.

Non-stream Specific Courses

If you are wondering if the stream you chose for 12th is going to affect your choice of courses after 12th, that would be only partly true. For instance, if you completed your 12th in commerce and now you are willing to take up psychology or biology related courses, it is not possible in most cases. However, regardless of the choice of the stream, you can opt for certain courses which are mostly diploma courses. These are the courses having good scope in future for the ones who are choosing them. Some of the areas that provide non-stream specific courses along with the scope and salary they have to offer are as follows:

  1. Travel and Tourism Courses

It is known to everyone that one of the rapidly growing sectors is of the travel and tourism industry. It is also majorly considered and developed by the government as well. There are various courses provided in this sector as well. Some of the most common courses are as follows:

  • Diploma Courses
    • Diploma in Travel and Tourism
    • Diploma in Tourism Management
    • Diploma in Tourism Entrepreneurship
    • IATA Foundation course
    • IATA Consultant course
    • IATA GDS fares and Air Ticketing course
  • Bachelors Courses
    • Bachelor of Tourism Management
    • Bachelor of Travel and Tourism
    • Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management
    • Bachelor of Airlines and Tourism Management
    • Bachelor of Airlines, Tourism, and Hospitality Management

Why choose Career in Travel and Tourism after 12?

There are multiple reasons why anyone would choose a career in travel and tourism. The area provides various fascinating courses to suit the interests of the ones looking for them. One can explore the scope of tourism one place can have. There is also a lot to learn in this sector which can even help the student to develop on a personal level as well. The courses having a good scope in future attracts numerous interested students from various streams.

Travel and Tourism Scope

There is a never-ending scope in this very field. The career opportunities are available in the government areas and even have a chance in getting international employment This is another reason why students from every stream consider building a career in travel and tourism. One can get employed in different areas upon achieving one of the travel courses. A list of industries and areas is given as follows that hires candidates with this major.

  • Transportation
  • Travel Agencies
  • Accommodation
  • Tour Management
  • Travel Insurance Company
  • Tourism Offices - Government and Non-government
  • MICE - Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions

Listed here are the general areas where the candidates from the travel and tourism sector can be employed. There still are other uncommon courses that also comprise this section. There even are specialised travel institutes that provide a wide variety of courses in travel and tourism and the best part is that the applicant does not even need to belong to a particular stream.

  1. Hotel Management and Hospitality Courses

Another engrossing non-stream specific field is of hotel management. This is the area where one can master their management as well as creative skills. The courses that comprise this section are not just related to cooking and hotelling skills but also are about hospitality and the services provided. The common courses in this section are as follows:

  • Diploma Courses
    • Diploma in Hotel Management
    • Diploma in Culinary Arts
    • Diploma in Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor’s Courses
    • Bachelor of Hotel Management
    • Bachelor of Hospitality Management
    • Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management
    • Bachelor of Hotel and Catering Management

Why choose Career in Hotel and Hospitality Management after 12th?

One has quite a scope in this field for learning as well as developing themselves further. The courses aren’t focussed on a limited skillset, the kinds of skills developed are useful in different areas of the same sector. Also, the students get to learn practically and every student gets a turn to sharpen their skills in the distinct areas that are available.

Hotel Management and Hospitality Scope

The scope of hotel management is widespread. After acquiring a course in this area, there are opportunities for government jobs as well as international jobs and business. Some of the areas where the candidate can get the employed are as follows:

  • Food Services - Catering
  • Accommodation - Hotel and Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Fast Food Chains
  • Concierge Services

However, the scope is not limited only in these parts and even has chances in the travel and tourism industry. The travel rules are being lightened and more people have been travelling from state to state.try to country. This only provides to the growth in the career opportunities for the seekers.

  1. Media and Communications Courses

Another influential developing sector is of the media and communications. This is one of the areas that have an extensive range of areas to build a career in. Even the courses are short term and long term. One can even major in very specific subjects as well. Some of the common diploma and bachelor courses are listed as follows:

  • Diploma Courses
    • Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
    • Diploma in Animation and Multimedia
    • Diploma in Photography
    • Diploma in Visual Communication
    • Diploma in Acting and Anchoring
    • Diploma in VJ, RJ and Anchoring
  • Bachelor’s Courses
    • Bachelor of Mass Communication
    • Bachelor of Journalism
    • Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication
    • Bachelor of Animation and Multimedia

Why choose a Career in Media and Communications?

There are numerous reasons that one can list why a career in media and communications is one of the best career opportunities one can have. There is a lot of exposure one can get and would get to know different aspects and parts of the society. The jobs are quite influential and when implemented in the right way, even have the ability to make major changes at different levels.

Media and Communication Scope

The scope is wide and it is known to everyone who has come across it. Apart from the social exposure, being in media and communication has an international scope as well. Even in the areas of journalism and entertainment, the future is quite providing. One can get jobs in the following areas:

  • Journalism and Mass media
  • Film industry
  • Entertainment sector
  • Reality shows and TV
  • Radio

Here are only a few areas mentioned where the candidate can get employed on pursuing the courses after 12th listed above. There still certainly are other areas that will employ candidates from the given courses.

  1. Fashion Courses

A creative area of scope is of fashion and fashion technology. One can learn and earn in this area. It is more about passion and how one would want to bring their imagination to life and create something they relate to. Some of the courses in this area are as follows:

  • Diploma Courses
    • Diploma in Fashion Technology
    • Diploma in Apparel Design
  • Bachelor’s Courses
    • Bachelor of Fashion Designing
    • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design
    • Bachelor of Fashion Techniques
    • Bachelor of Textile and Fashion Design

Why choose a career in Fashion?

There are several reasons why this area is among the fascinating non-stream specific courses after 12th. This course is mainly for the ones who are already interested in clothing and designing. It is also an inventive and artistic field which has an unlimited scope in creating and innovating.

Scope in Fashion

The scope is pretty vast in Fashion. There are areas in various sectors where a candidate from Fashion can get employed and can earn a quality living. There is a demand for fashion applicants even internationally. Some of the areas are listed as follows:

  • Styling
  • Sales
  • Fashion Journalism
  • Blogging
  • Garment Technology
  • Modelling
  • Fashion Photography

These are only a few sectors. There still are plenty of others that contribute to the scope in Fashion. Quality and creativity have quite a considerable demand in the market. It can be a fascinating stream to switch to as well.

  1. Designing and Architectural Courses

Just like fashion, the area of designing and architecture is another area of creativity and bringing the imagination to life. The courses in this area do not require much, just that the candidate is creative and willing to learn to develop their talents. Some of the courses for such students are listed as follows:

  • Diploma Course
    • Diploma in Interior Design
    • Diploma in Landscape Design
    • Diploma in Graphic Design
    • Diploma in Industrial/Product Design
  • Bachelor’s Courses
    • Bachelor of Interior Design
    • Bachelor of Multimedia Design
    • Bachelor of Graphic Design
    • Bachelor of Jewellery and Metalsmithing
    • Bachelor of Design and Digital Arts
    • Bachelor of Interior Architecture

Why choose a career in Design and Architecture?

Choosing a career in Design and Architecture is a decision for the ones who are interested in digital designing. Architecture is where you may need to know math and some other drawing skills and there is no requirement for a specific stream. Other designing courses mainly need your creative skills and the ability to learn new software applications. This can be an ideal 

non-stream specific course if you are someone who is looking for a switch from any of the streams.

Scope in Designing and Architecture

The scope in this field is not limited to only a few areas. Some of the jobs in this area are even of the kind where you don’t need an office or a workplace and you can work from home. It is quite in demand in various industries and has potential growth internationally as well. Some of the areas where one can get employed are mentioned as follows:

  • Technical Architecture
  • Construction Industry
  • Digital Architecture
  • Graphic Designing
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Marketing

Only some of the areas have been listed here. There sure are other fields that employ candidates from this area and can prove to be a providing choice of courses after 12th. There are other courses as well that may be stream specific as well.

  1. Education and Teaching Courses

This is the areas where the applicants interested in teaching children or are interested in coaching particular sports. The courses to get into this area do not necessarily require a stream but it might matter depending on the subject you are willing to choose as a major. Some of the diploma and bachelors courses after 12th are listed as follows:

  • Diploma Courses
    • Diploma in Primary Education
    • Diploma in Elementary Education
    • Diploma in Yoga Education
    • Diploma to become a Gym Instructor
  • Bachelor’s Courses
    • Bachelor of Education
    • Bachelor of Physical Education
    • Bachelor of Art Education
    • Bachelor of Special Education
    • Bachelor of Elementary Education

Why choose a career in Education?

Education is such a field where one can carve young minds and bring about changes in society. This field is quite serving as well. There is respect that the teachers and mentors get and if you have a favourite subject and you are great at it, you even get to impart your knowledge upon the next generation.

Scope in Teaching and Education

There is a wide scope in this sector as well. There are jobs in the government as well as the private sector. Then there are paid short term teaching courses for which you can be invited or appointed as well. Some of the areas are listed as follows:

  • Elementary, Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Colleges
  • Home Tutoring
  • Mentoring Special Students
  • Educational Institute partnering
  • Private Coaching

The scope is not limited only to these areas. There are other fields that will employ candidates from the education field. There even are other post-graduate and post-graduate diploma courses in that can grade up your position.


These are some of the courses after 12th that are limited to the streams and accept students from any of the three main streams. These mainly are the short term courses, there aren’t many long term courses that provide this kind of leniency to the non-stream specific candidates.

Stream Specific Courses

If you are willing to stick to your stream, there are numerous choices for you as well. These courses after 12th are specific to the streams and one would need to have a specialisation in the subjects they are looking forward to doing a major in that very subject. There are diploma and bachelors courses to suit your choice of duration of the course. Following you can see the courses bifurcated according to the stream they can be categorised under.

Courses after 12th for Science Students

When you are a science student, there is a wide range of choices for you. It also depends on the subjects that you have chosen. There are courses after 12th Science biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and other included subjects. Generally, physics and chemistry are compulsory and you get to choose your other set of subjects. Following you can see courses that are specific to the subject that you choose. 

  1. Courses after 12th Science Biology
    • Diploma Courses
      1. Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
      2. Diploma in Physiotherapy
      3. Diploma in Radiological Technology
      4. Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics
      5. Diploma in Nursing
    • Bachelor’s Courses
      1. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
      2. Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery
      3. Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
      4. Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery
      5. Bachelor of Dental Surgery
      6. Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences
      7. Bachelor of Biomedical Science
      8. Bachelor of Physiotherapy
      9. Bachelor of Human Biology
      10. Bachelor of Psychology
      11. Bachelor of Science in Zoology
      12. Bachelor of Science in Microbiology
      13. Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
      14. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
  2. Courses after 12th Science Chemistry
    • Diploma Courses
      1. Diploma in Fire Safety and Technology
      2. Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
      3. Diploma in Radiological Technology
      4. Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics
    • Bachelor’s Courses
      1. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science
      2. Bachelor of Science in Analytical Methods in Chemistry
      3. Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
      4. Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry
      5. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (Hons)
      6. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry
      7. Bachelor of Science in Inorganic Chemistry
      8. Bachelor of Science in Organic Chemistry
      9. Bachelor of Science in Electro Chemistry
      10. Bachelor of Geo-Engineering
  3. Courses after 12th Science Physics
    • Diploma Courses
      1. Diploma in Print Media Journalism
      2. Diploma in Animation and Multimedia
      3. Diploma in Film making 
      4. Diploma in Video Production and Editing
      5. Diploma in Biotechnology
      6. Diploma in Interior Designing
      7. Diploma in Education Technology
    • Bachelor’s Courses
      1. Bachelor of Rocket Science
      2. Bachelor of Science in Green Technology
      3. Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology.
      4. Bachelor of Science in Physics
      5. Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering
      6. Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering
      7. Bachelor of Automobile Engineering
      8. Bachelor of Biotechnology Engineering
      9. Bachelor of Bioinformatics Engineering
      10. Bachelor of Chemical Engineering
      11. Bachelor of Civil Engineering
      12. Bachelor of Computer Engineering
      13. Bachelor of Construction Engineering
      14. Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
      15. Bachelor of Electronic Engineering
      16. Bachelor of Environmental Engineering
      17. Bachelor of Food Engineering
      18. Bachelor of Fire Engineering
      19. Bachelor of Industrial Engineering
      20. Bachelor of Marine Engineering
      21. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
      22. Bachelor of Mining & Metallurgical Engineering
      23. Bachelor of Nanotechnology Engineering
      24. Bachelor of Genetic Engineering
      25. Bachelor of Telecommunication Engineering
  4. Courses after 12th Science Mathematics
    • Diploma Courses
      1. Diploma in Polytechnic - Civil Engineering
      2. Diploma in Polytechnic - Mechanical Engineering
      3. Diploma in Polytechnic - Electrical Engineering
      4. Diploma in Polytechnic - Computer Science
    • Bachelor’s Courses
      1. Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering
      2. Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering
      3. Bachelor of Technology in Automotive Engineering
      4. Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering
      5. Bachelor of Architecture
      6. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
      7. Bachelor of Science in Statistics
      8. Bachelor of Science in Animation
      9. Bachelor of Science in Fashion Technology
      10. Bachelor of Computer Applications

This long list of courses still does not cover all the courses that are available. However, these are the courses having good scope in future. There may be certain other subjects available depending on the University you are looking for as well.

Courses after 12th for Commerce Students

Commerce is an ocean of career opportunities. There are several stream specific courses to choose from allowing the students to grow in commercial areas. If you are someone looking forward to entrepreneurship in the future, this stream is right for you. One can learn about the market and the trends in commerce by opting courses this stream has to offer. Some of the courses in this area are listed as follows:

  • Diploma Courses
    • Diploma in Fashion Designing
    • Diploma in Computer Application
    • Diploma in Financial Accounting
    • Diploma in Industrial Safety
    • Diploma in Business Management
    • Diploma in Hotel Management
    • Diploma in Retail Management
  • Bachelor’s Courses
    • Bachelor of Commerce
    • Bachelor of Economics
    • Bachelor of Business Administration
    • Bachelor of Management Studies
  • Professional Courses
    • Chartered Accountancy (CA)
    • Company Secretary (CS)
    • Cost and Management Accountancy (CMA)
    • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

The courses in commerce stream are not limited to the ones listed above. There are other courses as well and they are endemic to certain universities and colleges. There is a lot to learn in this area and the scope is widespread.

Courses after 12th for Arts Students

Arts stream is quite elite and the stream specific courses here are mainly for the ones who are interested in books and reading and into theoretical knowledge. There are various sectors for the candidates who opt for this stream. Some of the courses having good scope in future are listed as follows:

  • Diploma Courses
    • Diploma in Travel and Tourism
    • Diploma in 3D Animation
    • Diploma in Interior Designing
    • Diploma in Multimedia
    • Diploma in Advertising and Marketing
    • Diploma in Event Management
    • Diploma in Sound Recording
  • Bachelor’s Courses
    • Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts
    • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
    • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
    • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
    • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism
    • Bachelor of Arts in Event Management
    • Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Designing
    • Bachelor of Arts in Marketing
    • Bachelor of Arts in Travel and Tourism
    • Bachelor of Law
    • Bachelor of Physical Education

These are some of the courses that comprise the stream of Arts. There are other courses after 12th as well that can be pursued by the art students. There is a wide range of opportunities in this area, and the students will even have multiple choices to pick their favourite from.

Career Option after 12th for Stream Specific Courses

The career opportunities in science, commerce, and arts are streams differ as per the type. Not just this country but the whole world has tremendous opportunities to offer to the ones looking to make a change. There are several parameters that are to be considered before choosing among the courses after 12th. One of the most important ones is choosing of a course that will provide you with a secure future and a quality lifestyle. In the following, you can see the career options every stream has to offer.

  • After 12th Science Students

    • Government and Private Hospitals
    • Intensive Care Units
    • Nursing Homes and Health Care Centres
    • Medical Labs
    • Biopharmaceutical Companies
    • Automotive Industry
    • Construction Industry
    • Aviation
    • Space Labs
    • Research
    • Teaching
  • After 12th Commerce Students

    • Fashion Industry
    • Textile Industry
    • Travel and Tourism Industry
    • Digital Marketing
    • Banking
    • Finance and Marketing
    • Law Firms
    • Consulting in Business Organisations
    • Hotel Management - Catering, Ships and Cruises, Restaurants
    • Merchandising
    • Brand Managers
    • E-commerce Analysts
    • Share Brokers
  • After 12th Arts Students

    • Travel and Tourism Industry
    • Designing - Fashion and Clothing
    • Fine Arts
    • Film Industry
    • Advertising Industry
    • Event Management
    • Politics
    • Journalism and Communication
    • Electronic Media
    • Online Media Companies
    • Law Firms
    • Public Relations
    • Market Research Organisations
    • Civil Services
    • Freelancing - Photography, Content Writing, Graphic Designing


Even though there are numerous courses after 12th to choose from, be it stream specific or non-stream specific, your future does not necessarily depend on your choice of the course. It is, however, secure to opt for a course that will provide you with a set of fixed and known career options. Hopefully, this article will solve your needed questions and queries and if you need any kind of career guidance, you can reach out to specialists at Travind who can help you choose the best-suited career for yourself.


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