Courses after 12th Arts

Education in India has become important since most of its population is youth. The quality and the choice of courses after 12th have increased significantly. Previously, there weren’t as many choices in courses after 12th Arts as much as there were for science and commerce. But considering the number of students choosing arts, recently more and more courses related to arts have been introduced. There are non-stream specific courses as well which range from travel and tourism courses to media and communication, thus providing numerous choices.

What after completing Class 12th Arts?

There are multiple important decisions that you need to make after you have completed your 12th. Being done with your 12th arts, you have a path to look forward to that mostly decide what your next few years will look like. Choosing among the courses after 12th arts is one of these essential decisions that you need to face. You can choose to stick to your stream and choose a stream specific course, or you can choose to go for a non-stream specific course that will suit your interests. This choice can take time.

courses after 12th arts

Why is it an important decision?

Well, choosing a course is quite a mind-boggling dilemma which is equally essential. This choice plays a part in deciding your future and the kind of opportunities that you will have access to. As we know that there are numerous courses after 12th, not only it is a confusing process, it is also time-consuming. This decision is also crucial as your career options will majorly depend on the course that you have chosen.

Courses after 12th Arts

We know that there is a whole list of courses after 12th arts, be it stream specific or non-stream specific. The courses can be classified accordingly as well. The list of courses after 12th arts is given as follows.

Stream Specific Courses

Arts is a creative field and has various subjects to major in. There are diploma courses as well as degree courses available to choose from. If you are willing to stick to your stream and looking for a course accordingly, this is the list of choices for you.

  • Diploma Courses
    • Diploma in Travel and Tourism
    • Diploma in 3D Animation
    • Diploma in Interior Designing
    • Diploma in Multimedia
    • Diploma in Advertising and Marketing
    • Diploma in Event Management
    • Diploma in Sound Recording
  • Degree Courses
    • Bachelor of Arts in Travel and Tourism
    • Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts
    • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
    • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
    • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
    • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism
    • Bachelor of Arts in Event Management
    • Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Designing
    • Bachelor of Arts in Marketing
    • Bachelor of Law
    • Bachelor of Physical Education

These are the common courses that are known to be providing. However, there are other courses as well which are not quite common but do have a demand in certain fields. These courses are also specific to the stream, which means that the candidate is expected to have completed their 12th with arts as their stream. There still are courses after 12th arts that are not specific to the stream.

Not Stream Specific Courses

The courses that do not require the candidate to have completed their 12th in arts, are termed as non-stream specific courses. The fields that provide these courses are not quite limited. In the following, you will see the areas and sectors that allow the students to have a choice which is not necessarily based on the student’s choice of stream.

    • Diploma Courses
      • Diploma in Travel and Tourism
      • Diploma in Tourism Management
      • Diploma in Tourism Entrepreneurship
      • IATA Foundation course
      • IATA Consultant course
      • IATA GDS fares and Air Ticketing course
    • Degree Courses
      • Bachelor of Tourism Management
      • Bachelor of Travel and Tourism
      • Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management
      • Bachelor of Airlines and Tourism Management
      • Bachelor of Airlines, Tourism, and Hospitality Management

Why choose a career in Travel and Tourism?

The sector of travel and tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries in India and across the world as well. It is also quite interesting and has unlimited opportunities. The travel and tourism courses in India are of different kinds which include courses like tour guide course, tourism management course, certain IATA courses and a bunch of others. It provided paid internships and opportunities to learn and earn at the same time.

  • Hotel Management Courses After 12th Arts
    • Diploma Courses
      • Diploma in Hotel Management
      • Diploma in Culinary Arts
      • Diploma in Hospitality Management
    • Degree Courses
      • Bachelor of Hotel Management
      • Bachelor of Hospitality Management
      • Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management
      • Bachelor of Hotel and Catering Management

Why choose Hotel Mangement Courses?

Another sector that has been contributing significantly to the economy of the nation is of Hotel Management and Hospitality. The courses after 12th that this sector offers are remarkable and even provide the students with an opportunity to learn on the job. There are certain benefits associated with the field as well.

  • Media Courses After 12th Arts
    • Diploma Courses
      • Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
      • Diploma in Animation and Multimedia
      • Diploma in Photography
      • Diploma in Visual Communication
      • Diploma in Acting and Anchoring
      • Diploma in VJ, RJ and Anchoring
    • Degree Courses
      • Bachelor of Mass Communication
      • Bachelor of Journalism
      • Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

Why choose Media Courses?

The sector of Media and Communication is a famous one among the determined youth. The courses provided are under this sector are visionary and even allow the students to develop their confidence and self-esteem. There even is an ocean of knowledge to learn from.

  • Fashion Courses After 12th Arts
    • Diploma Courses
      • Diploma in Fashion Technology
      • Diploma in Apparel Design
    • Bachelor’s Courses
      • Bachelor of Fashion Designing
      • Bachelor of Textile and Fashion Design

Why choose Fashion Courses?

This sector is all about being creative and bringing your imagination to life. People in fashion are artists and anything can inspire them. There are various ways in which one can channelise their creativity in fashion and the courses.

  • Designing Courses After 12th Arts
    • Diploma Course
      • Diploma in Interior Design
      • Diploma in Landscape Design
      • Diploma in Graphic Design
      • Diploma in Industrial/Product Design
    • Degree Courses
      • Bachelor of Interior Design
      • Bachelor of Graphic Design
      • Bachelor of Design and Digital Arts

Why choose Designing Courses?

If you are a person who is not really into theory, these are the courses for you. There are courses that allow you to apply what you learn so that you even get the experience. It also lets you develop the skills that you will require in the future. There are different kinds of designing courses and one can choose among the many as per the type that suits them.

  • Education and Teaching Courses After 12th Arts
    • Diploma Courses
      • Diploma in Primary Education
      • Diploma in Elementary Education
      • Diploma in Yoga Education
      • Diploma to become a Gym Instructor
    • Degree Courses
      • Bachelor of Education
      • Bachelor of Physical Education
      • Bachelor of Special Education
      • Bachelor of Elementary Education

Why choose Education and Teaching Courses?

Education and teaching may not be everyone’s first choice but it sure is something one can rely upon. It gives you an opportunity to bring in a change in the society by shaping minds. You can also impart the wisdom of your favourite subject. There even are several majors to choose from which are irrespective of the arts stream

Scope and Career Options after 12th

Completion of 12th is a milestone. The scope for every course in every other sector is tremendous. The career options after 12th are plenty to choose from for students from any stream. In the following, you will see the scope to the kind of courses after 12th arts that you can pursue.

Stream Specific Courses

Arts is a versatile stream. Every course in this stream has its own importance and provides respectively to one’s future. The student from the arts can get employed in the government sector or private sector, as well as can make a candidate for international employment. Some of the sectors are listed as follows:

  • Travel and Tourism Industry
  • Designing - Fashion and Clothing
  • Fine Arts
  • Film Industry
  • Advertising Industry
  • Event Management
  • Politics
  • Journalism and Communication
  • Electronic Media
  • Online Media Companies
  • Law Firms
  • Public Relations
  • Market Research Organisations
  • Civil Services
  • Photography
  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Designing

Apart from these known areas, there are other sectors as well so that you can choose an option that best suits your interests. Also, these depend on the major that you choose for your degree or diploma.

Non-stream Specific Courses

As mentioned earlier, there are several non-stream specific courses after 12th arts that can be pursued irrespective of the stream of choice. The sectors that provide these courses have quite an elaborated scope for progress. These are listed as follows:

  • Career opportunities in Travel and Tourism
      • Transportation
      • Travel Agencies
      • Accommodation
      • Tour Management
      • Tour Guides
      • Travel Insurance Company
      • Air Ticketing
      • Tourism Offices - Government and Non-government
      • MICE - Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions
  • Career opportunities in Hotel Management
      • Food Services - Catering
      • Accommodation - Hotel and Resorts
      • Restaurants
      • Fast Food Chains
      • Concierge Services
  • Career opportunities in Media and Communication
      • Journalism and Mass media
      • Film industry
      • Entertainment sector
      • Reality shows and TV
      • Radio
  • Career opportunities in Fashion Industry
      • Styling
      • Sales
      • Fashion Journalism
      • Blogging
      • Garment Technology
      • Modelling
      • Fashion Photography
      • Apparel Design
  • Career opportunities in Designing
      • Graphic Designing
      • Cyber Security
      • Digital Marketing
      • Interior Designing
      • Landscape Designing
  • Career opportunities in Education and Teaching
    • Elementary, Primary and Secondary Schools
    • Colleges
    • Home Tutoring
    • Mentoring Special Students
    • Educational Institute partnering
    • Private Coaching

These are some of the sectors that employ students from the previously given non-stream specific courses. However, there still are other areas which are also involved in the employment of these candidates.

career in travel

Salary for Courses after 12th Arts

The salary for courses and the locations where you get employed. There are different kinds of degree and diploma courses after 12th. The salaries will differ accordingly as well. The range of salaries as per the type of course and sector is given as follows:

Stream Specific Courses

For the stream specific courses, the salary for BA courses is generally 8k to 10k for the freshers. If you choose to acquire further education, the salaries may vary and will be more compared to the salaries of graduates. There are additional courses available as well which will help in developing more skills.

Other courses like the BA.LLB or LLB, are the high salary courses after 12th. There is a legal practice that the aspiring lawyers need before being certified by the bar. The starting pay varies for the lawyers working for the government and the ones working privately.

If the candidate enters the journalism sector, there are more internships available for the freshers than jobs. Once the internship is completed, the candidate can get a job that will approximately pay 10k to 13k. The packages will also vary depending on the place you are employed.

Non-stream Specific Courses

As discussed previously, there are various courses in different sectors. The salaries in the non-stream specific courses also vary as per the choice of field and the course. In the following, the approximate ranges of salaries are given depending on the choice of course and the area.

Salary in Travel and Tourism Industry

Travel and tourism courses in India are among the common courses after 12th. The salary in travel and tourism industry is quite generous once you have enough experience in the sector. For freshers, it may range from 8k to 13k for the freshers which can later increase with the experience.

Salary in Hotel Management

The pay scale for interns in Hotel Management, when compared with other sectors, is high enough. There are certain other complimentary benefits as well. Even in Hotel Management, there are multiple majors that you can opt for based on your interests. There are opportunities for international institutions as well. For the interns, the salary ranges from 5k to 7k and once employment is confirmed, the salary will go up to 12k to 15k or more.

Salary in Media and Communication

Media and Communication is one of the sectors that is well paying and there are plenty of paid ‘learn and earn’ programs in this area. The salary for the beginners can be high as well allowing a quality living. The salary is about 8k to 12k for the freshers and for interns, it starts from about 5k. Being employed with considerable experience, the salary will go up to 15k or more as well.

Salary in Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is chosen by many youngsters. Even the salary in the fashion industry can be generous. Once you start developing your skills, you can have a lot of opportunities in the field. For the freshers, the salary will range from 10k to 15k per month and once you have considerable experience in the fashion industry, the salary can even go up from 1L to a few lakhs as well.

Salary in Designing

At the beginning of your career in designing, you may experience that the salary may be a struggle. But once you know your work and have enough to demonstrate to your potential customers, you will have enough projects to work on. Sometimes, the payment may not be steady but with freelancing, a fresher can make 4k to 5k. On the other hand, if you are working from the office, the salary will range from 10k to 15k for the beginners.

Salary in Education and Teaching

Education and teaching generally may not be very generous in terms of salary in the beginning. Although, there are certain benefits to these jobs as well. The teachers generally get 15k or more as salary after B.Ed, which will increase with the experience. The pay may even be higher in private institutions and particular government organizations as well.

Career options after 12th are vast and available to suit everyone’s interests. The courses after 12th might affect your future and you have a chance to switch your streams and do something that you relate with and are interested in. You do not have to worry if this choice will give you a secure or not, you can go with your interests and strengths as this is when you can actually try something that has interested you always.


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