Courses after 12th Commerce

India is a country with a majority of its population being youth. There is almost an equal number of students in each of the three main streams. Commerce is also a widely chosen stream and therefore, there is a vast range of choices in courses after 12th Commerce. There are various stream specific and non-stream specific courses after 12th that a determined yet confused student has to choose from. For instance, travel and tourism courses are generally non-stream specific while, the courses in accounting are mostly streamed specifically.

What after completing class 12th Commerce?

The period after the completion of 12th is quite crucial. There are a lot of decisions and choices to be made. Also, choosing among courses after 12th commerce is a time taking process. You can opt for a diploma course or for a full-time degree course as per the future that you are planning. To keep the confusion and the dilemma in check, you can start by listing out your interests and your strengths and then choose a course accordingly. This will even help you in knowing which is the best-suited course for you and your talents.
Courses after 12th commerce


Why is it an important decision?

Choosing one of the many courses after 12th is quite a decision to make. It also plays an important role in the future that you are willing to have for yourself. May be not always, but the choice of course that you will make will mostly affect your career options and the kind of employment you are looking for. It is, therefore, a decision that will and must take time. Also, you can even consider going for a career guidance session so that you can know about your strengths from a professional.

Courses after 12th commerce

As previously discussed, there are courses after 12th that are specific to the stream and some that are not. In the following, you will see the bifurcation of a list of courses after 12th commerce based on the same criteria.

Stream Specific Courses

The courses that require the candidate to have completed their 12th from a specific stream are termed as stream specific courses. There are various choices and specializations offered by these courses after 12th as well. Some of such full time, professional and diploma courses are listed as follows:

  • Diploma Courses
    • Diploma in Computer Application
    • Diploma in Financial Accounting
    • Diploma in Industrial Safety
    • Diploma in Business Management
    • Diploma in Retail Management
  • Degree Courses
    • Bachelor of Commerce
    • Bachelor of Economics
    • Bachelor of Business Administration
    • Bachelor of Management Studies
  • Professional Courses
    • Chartered Accountancy (CA)
    • Company Secretary (CS)
    • Cost and Management Accountancy (CMA)
    • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

Not Stream Specific Courses

There are multiple courses that are not only related to commerce but also to other streams. There are diploma as well as bachelor’s courses if you are looking for something not completely or even slightly related to your stream. Some of these are even categorized as high salary courses after 12th commerce. Such courses can be creative and have a scope for learning a different sector as well. Some of the courses having good scope in future are listed as follows:

      • Diploma Courses
        • Diploma in Travel and Tourism
        • Diploma in Tourism Management
        • Diploma in Tourism Entrepreneurship
        • IATA Foundation course
        • IATA Consultant course
        • IATA GDS fares and Air Ticketing course
      • Degree Courses
        • Bachelor of Tourism Management
        • Bachelor of Travel and Tourism
        • Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management
        • Bachelor of Airlines and Tourism Management
        • Bachelor of Airlines, Tourism, and Hospitality Management
  • Hotel Management Courses After 12th Commerce
      • Diploma Courses
        • Diploma in Hotel Management
        • Diploma in Culinary Arts
        • Diploma in Hospitality Management
      • Degree Courses
        • Bachelor of Hotel Management
        • Bachelor of Hospitality Management
        • Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management
        • Bachelor of Hotel and Catering Management
  • Media Courses After 12th Commerce
      • Diploma Courses
        • Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
        • Diploma in Animation and Multimedia
        • Diploma in Photography
        • Diploma in Visual Communication
        • Diploma in Acting and Anchoring
        • Diploma in VJ, RJ and Anchoring
      • Degree Courses
        • Bachelor of Mass Communication
        • Bachelor of Journalism
        • Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Fashion Courses After 12th Commerce
      • Diploma Courses
        • Diploma in Fashion Technology
        • Diploma in Apparel Design
      • Bachelor’s Courses
        • Bachelor of Fashion Designing
        • Bachelor of Textile and Fashion Design
  • Designing Courses After 12th Commerce
      • Diploma Course
        • Diploma in Interior Design
        • Diploma in Landscape Design
        • Diploma in Graphic Design
        • Diploma in Industrial/Product Design
      • Degree Courses
        • Bachelor of Interior Design
        • Bachelor of Graphic Design
        • Bachelor of Design and Digital Arts

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  • Education and Teaching Courses After 12th Commerce
    • Diploma Courses
      • Diploma in Primary Education
      • Diploma in Elementary Education
      • Diploma in Yoga Education
      • Diploma to become a Gym Instructor
    • Degree Courses
      • Bachelor of Education
      • Bachelor of Physical Education
      • Bachelor of Special Education
      • Bachelor of Elementary Education

 These are only a few courses and a few common majors that are available. There are some institutes that even provide courses with multiple majors. Each of these areas has a wide scope associated with it. The future possibilities and career options for the given courses after 12th commerce are elaborated next.

Scope of Courses After 12th Commerce

There are known career options after 12th commerce. These do vary as per the course that you opt for, be it stream specific or non-stream specific. In the following, you will see the scope of both kinds of courses after 12th.

Non-stream Specific Courses

As we have seen there are various sectors that offer non-stream specific courses. There even is a wide range of choices in every sector. These courses even allow you to shift your stream and pick something that is even unrelated to your stream.

Why choose Travel and Tourism Courses?

First of all, this area is quite interesting and it also offers different kinds of jobs that include desk jobs, work from home jobs, travelling jobs, internships, learn and earn and several other kinds. Travel and tourism courses in India have a huge scope as well since even the government is getting involved in this sector. There even is a lot to explore in this sector as there is a tour guide course, travel and tourism management course, certain IATA courses and a bunch of others.

Travel and Tourism Scope

There are various areas one can enter by pursuing travel and tourism courses. With the growth in globalisation and liberalisation, there is a good future in building a career in travel and tourism. There are private as well as government jobs in this sector. These are also among the high salary courses after 12th commerce and allows the candidates to have a secure future as well.

Why choose Hotel Mangement Courses?

Hotel management and hospitality is yet another sector that is growing rapidly and contributing to the economy of the nation. More and more students are opting for courses in this sector as it fascinates almost everyone and has several benefits as well. One can develop on their own as well.

Hotel Management Scope

There are various kinds of skills required at different levels in this sector. Also, whenever you opt for a course in this area, you don’t have to stick to one type of job or just master one of the many skills. You here have an opportunity to learn every skill that you want to and even have a chance to earn on the job.

Why choose Media Courses?

These are the courses that are mostly for extroverted people. There is a scope of laid back students as well in writing, designing, and other similar profiles. One can learn only so much about society and its aspects through the courses provided in this area. There is also a lot to explore and gain knowledge once you enter the field.

Media and Communication Scope

One can get employed in private sectors mostly but jobs in the government sector aren’t any less. There even is scope for international employment with high paying jobs. This sector is ideal for creative and confident students.

Why choose Fashion Courses?

Being creative and original is the only thing you need in this area. Anything can inspire the artists and choosing fashion courses, is only doing a favour to the artist inside you. There are numerous options and various fields to choose from.

Scope in Fashion

A common misconception about this sector is that it is for women. Although it is not so as there is a wide scope for the male students as well. Men’s fashion is taking a leap in the industry and therefore demanding more and more fashion men in the industry. One can get employed other sectors as well and there is scope for entrepreneurship as well. One can even get employed internationally.

Why choose Designing Courses?

Designing courses are practical courses and you get to learn while you already performing it. These courses require the students to be creative and if not, one can always develop skills. There are different kinds of designing courses and one can choose among the many as per the type that suits them.

Scope in Designing

Being numerous courses in this area, the opportunities are unlimited as well. One can even get to work in the comfort of their own home. There is freelancing, work from the office, work while travelling, and work on-site as well which makes it much more interesting. Even the sectors that employ designers are not limited and they are needed in almost every area.

Why choose Education and Teaching Courses?

Choosing these courses after 12th commerce is a good option for the ones who have good oratory. Also, a noble cause these courses serve is of giving an opportunity to shape the young minds which is irrespective of the subject you teach. There also are multiple majors to choose your favourite from.

Scope in Education and Teaching

There is scope in teaching is not just about the younger students but also about adults. One can get employed in preprimary, primary, secondary schools, as well as junior and senior colleges. There also are jobs as gym and yoga instructors and physical education professors as well. One can even open an institute of their own after a period of experience.

Stream Specific Courses

There are numerous choices even in the stream specific courses and each kind has its own scope and a providing future. These courses are for those who are willing to stick to their stream and make something out of it. One can have quite a secure future based on their choice of stream specific course.

Scope of Stream Specific Courses

There are various choices the candidate has after the completion of their diploma or a bachelor’s course. The candidates get employed in the corporate companies and in the marketing and finance sectors as per their choices of majors and specialization. The jobs are not quite complicated as they are just the application of the subjects they have studied. Most of the jobs are available in the private sector but there are a few opportunities in the government sector as well.

Career Options after 12th Commerce

Career options after 12th vary as per the choice of the course. There is an equally wide range of choices in both the stream specific and non-stream specific courses. Following you can see the career opportunities depending on the area that you choose.

Non-Stream Specific Courses

The career opportunities are unlimited and there are contrasting fields that provide these courses. The career options and the areas one can apply after these courses after 12th commerce are as follows:

  • Career opportunities in Travel and Tourism
    • Transportation
    • Travel Agencies
    • Accommodation
    • Tour Management
    • Travel Insurance Company
    • Tourism Offices - Government and Non-government
    • MICE - Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions
  • Career opportunities in Hotel Management
    • Food Services - Catering
    • Accommodation - Hotel and Resorts
    • Restaurants
    • Fast Food Chains
    • Concierge Services
  • Career opportunities in Media and Communication
    • Journalism and Mass media
    • Film industry
    • Entertainment sector
    • Reality shows and TV
    • Radio
  • Career opportunities in Fashion Industry
    • Styling
    • Sales
    • Fashion Journalism
    • Blogging
    • Garment Technology
    • Modelling
    • Fashion Photography
  • Career opportunities in Designing
    • Technical Architecture
    • Digital Architecture
    • Graphic Designing
    • Cyber Security
    • Digital Marketing
  • Career opportunities in Education and Teaching
    • Elementary, Primary and Secondary Schools
    • Colleges
    • Home Tutoring
    • Mentoring Special Students
    • Educational Institute partnering
    • Private Coaching

These are the most common and providing sectors. There still are various other areas where these courses can get you employed. Some of the new sectors are still arising which will provide employment to the seekers.

Courses after 12th commerce

Stream Specific Courses

Stream specific courses have a wide range of career options as well. These vary whether the courses are diploma and degrees or professional courses. Generally, the professional courses even take longer to complete compared to the degree and diploma courses. But both kinds have their own importance.

  • Career opportunities after Diploma and Degree Courses
    • Wealth Management
    • Insurance Companies
    • Risk Management
    • Economists and Statisticians
    • Budget and Operations Research
    • Sustainability Management
    • Fashion Services Management
    • Retail and Telecom
  • Career opportunities after Professional Courses
    • Investment Banking
    • Corporate Finance and Management
    • Investor Relations
    • Capital Market
    • Financial Management
    • Auditing
    • Taxation

These are some of the sectors that employ candidates from the stream specific courses. Apart from these common sectors, there are several others that provide career opportunities for commerce students.

Salary in Commerce

Depending on the courses and the areas, the salaries will differ as well. Normally, the salaries for most of the courses range the same, they differ depending on the path the student will choose after the completion of their course after 12th.

Salary for Non-stream Specific Courses

The salaries in the non-stream specific courses vary depending on the choice of field and the course. In the following, the approximate ranges of salaries are given depending on the choice of course and the area.

Salary Travel and Tourism Industry

The pay scale in the travel and tourism industry can be generous after a period of experience. For freshers, it’s quite average but once you develop your skills and have enough knowledge of how the sector operates, there is scope for starting your own tourism firm. It may range from 8k to 13k for the freshers which can later increase with the experience.

Salary in Hotel Management

The pay scale for interns, when compared with other sectors, is pretty high. There are certain other complimentary benefits as well. Once you know what kind of job you are going to carry on with, there is enough money in every kind. There are opportunities for international employment as well. For the interns, it ranges from 5k to 7k and once employment is confirmed, the salary will go up to 12k to 15k or more.

Salary in Media and Communication

Jobs in this sector are well paying and there are numerous paid ‘learn and earn’ programs in this area as well. The salary from the beginning can be high allowing a quality living. There are ups and downs if you have plans to start your own firm as it mostly depends on the likes and dislikes of the audience. For beginners, the salary is about 8k to 12k and for interns, it is about 5k. Being employed with considerable experience, the salary will go up to 15k or more as well.

Salary in Fashion Industry

The salary in the fashion industry is quite high. Since there is a wide scope, anyone who has once entered this industry has opportunities to reach higher levels which in turn will pay better and better. Generally, for the freshers, the salary will range from 10k to 15k per month. But once you have considerable experience in the area, the salary goes up to 1L to a few lakhs as well.

Salary in Designing

In the beginning, the salary may be a struggle, but once you know your work and have enough to show to your potential customers, you can have quite some projects to work on. The payment may not always be steady but with freelancing a fresher can make 4k to 5k and working from the office, the salary will range from 10k to 15k for the beginners.

Salary in Education and Teaching

The salary in this field, in the beginning, may not be very generous but there are certain benefits to these jobs. The teachers generally get 15k or more as salary after B.Ed, which will increase with the experience. The pay may even be higher as per the further education acquired by the student.

Salary for Stream Specific Courses

When considering stream specific courses, the salary after diploma and degree courses will differ from the professional courses. The professional courses are irrespective of your degree as well. In the following, the salaries are differentiated as per the courses.

Salary after Diploma and Degree Courses

The salary in the stream specific courses for freshers with diplomas and degrees ranges between 10k to 15k which will increase with the experience. This will also differ depending on your choice of the major subject and the institute you are pursuing your course from.

Salary after Professional Courses

For professional courses, the salary is quite generous and starts from more than 15k generally. The salaries will still vary from course to course and at times they also depend on the location of employment.

 There are hundreds and thousands of opportunities across the country and overseas. The course does not necessarily define your future but making the right choice of a course will surely help you in being certain about your choices and options and shaping your future. Also, you don’t always have to choose something that you think might provide a secure future, you can follow your interests and still be able to have a quality living.


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