Courses after 12th Science

courses after 12th science

India is known for its quality of education across the world. Even the students in India aspire to pursue the best education that they can. One of the important yet puzzling decisions to make is to choose one out of many courses after 12th. This dilemma is faced by almost every student. Science is a stream that fascinates a lot of students, it is probably even the most commonly chosen stream compared to others. Even these smart students find the choice of courses after 12th science a perplexing one.

What after completing Class 12th Science?

Final being done with 12th science is exhausting itself. There is a lot of hard work and patience that gets you through 12th. After this, another huge decision that we need to go through is the choice of a course. Will it be a diploma or a degree? Or is switching of stream worth considering? What is trending and what to pick? Are just some of the questions that keep piling up in your head. There are plenty of courses after 12th science so there is not a problem of having enough choices. There may be an issue of knowing which is the best-suited course for you.

Why is it an Important Decision?

 Taking a decision about further education itself is complicated. Choosing the right course just adds up to it. Also, not always but this decision can majorly affect your future career options. The choice to be made is not limited to the next few years, but also for the long run. This is also important as you have to make a decision about a secure future and yet not be bored about it. You can either choose to go with something that fascinates you or with something that guarantees a providing future. Well, it does not always have to be like that as some courses, for instance, travel and tourism courses, are both fascinating and providing and more importantly, these are non-stream specific courses.

Courses after 12th Science

Science is a vast stream and there is a lot that is yet to be discovered and explored. Even though there are plenty of courses after 12th science that are stream related, there still are courses after 12th that are do not require you to have chosen science as your stream. Here, there is a list of courses after 12th science which is classified based on being stream specific and non-stream specific.

Stream Specific Courses

Having chosen science as a stream, there are four subjects that you choose from. There are different kinds of courses for biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. All these subjects are the base of any of the stream specific science course. The known courses after 12th science are given as follows:

  1. Courses after 12th Science Biology
    1. Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
    2. Diploma in Physiotherapy
    3. Diploma in Radiological Technology
    4. Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics
    5. Diploma in Nursing
    1. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
    2. Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery
    3. Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
    4. Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery
    5. Bachelor of Dental Surgery
    6. Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences
    7. Bachelor of Biomedical Science
    8. Bachelor of Physiotherapy
    9. Bachelor of Human Biology
    10. Bachelor of Psychology
    11. Bachelor of Science in Zoology
    12. Bachelor of Science in Microbiology
    13. Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
    14. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
    • Diploma Courses
    • Degree Courses
  2. Courses after 12th Science Chemistry
    1. Diploma in Fire Safety and Technology
    2. Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
    3. Diploma in Radiological Technology
    4. Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics
    1. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science
    2. Bachelor of Science in Analytical Methods in Chemistry
    3. Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
    4. Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry
    5. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (Hons)
    6. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry
    7. Bachelor of Science in Inorganic Chemistry
    8. Bachelor of Science in Organic Chemistry
    9. Bachelor of Science in Electro Chemistry
    10. Bachelor of Geo-Engineering
    • Diploma Courses
    • Degree Courses
  3. Courses after 12th Science Physics
    1. Diploma in Print Media Journalism
    2. Diploma in Animation and Multimedia
    3. Diploma in Film making 
    4. Diploma in Video Production and Editing
    5. Diploma in Biotechnology
    6. Diploma in Interior Designing
    7. Diploma in Education Technology
    1. Bachelor of Rocket Science
    2. Bachelor of Science in Green Technology
    3. Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology.
    4. Bachelor of Science in Physics
    5. Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering
    6. Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering
    7. Bachelor of Automobile Engineering
    8. Bachelor of Biotechnology Engineering
    9. Bachelor of Bioinformatics Engineering
    10. Bachelor of Chemical Engineering
    11. Bachelor of Civil Engineering
    12. Bachelor of Computer Engineering
    13. Bachelor of Construction Engineering
    14. Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
    15. Bachelor of Electronic Engineering
    16. Bachelor of Environmental Engineering
    17. Bachelor of Food Engineering
    18. Bachelor of Fire Engineering
    19. Bachelor of Industrial Engineering
    20. Bachelor of Marine Engineering
    21. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
    22. Bachelor of Mining & Metallurgical Engineering
    23. Bachelor of Nanotechnology Engineering
    24. Bachelor of Genetic Engineering
    25. Bachelor of Telecommunication Engineering
    • Diploma Courses
    • Degree Courses
  4. Courses after 12th Science Mathematics
    1. Diploma in Polytechnic - Civil Engineering
    2. Diploma in Polytechnic - Mechanical Engineering
    3. Diploma in Polytechnic - Electrical Engineering
    4. Diploma in Polytechnic - Computer Science
    1. Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering
    2. Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering
    3. Bachelor of Technology in Automotive Engineering
    4. Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering
    5. Bachelor of Architecture
    6. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
    7. Bachelor of Science in Statistics
    8. Bachelor of Science in Animation
    9. Bachelor of Science in Fashion Technology
    10. Bachelor of Computer Applications
    • Diploma Courses
    • Degree Courses

Apart from these known courses, there are other courses as well. These are the types that need you to have completed your 12th in science. Well, there are other courses that are irrespective of the stream that you had chosen.

career after 12th science

Non-stream Specific Courses

We do not always have to stick to the stream that we chose in the first place. We sure would like to at least have a choice for switching. Courses after 12th science do not have to be stream specific. There are certain sectors that provide courses that do not require you to belong to a particular stream. Such courses are termed as non-stream specific courses. Some of these courses are listed as follows:

    • Diploma Courses
      • Diploma in Travel and Tourism
      • Diploma in Tourism Management
      • Diploma in Tourism Entrepreneurship
      • IATA Foundation course
      • IATA Consultant course
      • IATA GDS fares and Air Ticketing course
    • Degree Courses
      • Bachelor of Tourism Management
      • Bachelor of Travel and Tourism
      • Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management
      • Bachelor of Airlines and Tourism Management
      • Bachelor of Airlines, Tourism, and Hospitality Management

Why choose a career in Travel and Tourism?

Travel and tourism industry has always fascinated everyone. It is not only fun but also has a scope for tremendous opportunities. The number of travel and tourism courses in India has been increasing with the kind of jobs that have been arising in the sector as well. There are different kinds of courses like a tour guide course, tourism management courses, IATA courses and several others. A career in travel and tourism is quite providing.

  • Hotel Management Courses After 12th Science
    • Diploma Courses
      • Diploma in Hotel Management
      • Diploma in Culinary Arts
      • Diploma in Hospitality Management
    • Degree Courses
      • Bachelor of Hotel Management
      • Bachelor of Hospitality Management
      • Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management
      • Bachelor of Hotel and Catering Management

Why choose Hotel Mangement Courses?

A whole sector for the people who are culinary arts and hospitality. Choosing the hotel management courses after 12th has its perks. There is an opportunity to learn on the job, perform not one but various kinds of tasks, deal with different kinds of customers and much more. There are certain complimentary benefits to it as well. Yet another reason why hotel management is a course of choice because it has seen remarkable growth and provided significantly to the economy.

  • Media Courses After 12th Science
    • Diploma Courses
      • Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
      • Diploma in Animation and Multimedia
      • Diploma in Photography
      • Diploma in Visual Communication
      • Diploma in Acting and Anchoring
      • Diploma in VJ, RJ and Anchoring
    • Degree Courses
      • Bachelor of Mass Communication
      • Bachelor of Journalism
      • Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

Why choose Media Courses?

Media and Communication is one of the most interesting sectors. The kinds of career options that it has to offer are plenty in all other kinds of areas and fields. Taking these courses allows the candidates to develop their confidence and self-esteem and other essential skills and qualities. This sector is a never-ending tunnel that has a lot to learn and explore.

  • Fashion Courses After 12th Science
    • Diploma Courses
      • Diploma in Fashion Technology
      • Diploma in Apparel Design
    • Bachelor’s Courses
      • Bachelor of Fashion Designing
      • Bachelor of Textile and Fashion Design

Why choose Fashion Courses?

This is one of the ideal fields for creative artists. The fashion industry is vast and does not limit to just one kind of fashion. There are various directions in which one can progress and channel their creativity. Fashion is not only about being inspired by what you see, but it is also about inspiring others.

  • Designing Courses After 12th Science
    • Diploma Course
      • Diploma in Interior Design
      • Diploma in Landscape Design
      • Diploma in Graphic Design
      • Diploma in Industrial/Product Design
    • Degree Courses
      • Bachelor of Interior Design
      • Bachelor of Graphic Design
      • Bachelor of Design and Digital Arts

Why choose Designing Courses?

If you are a student who is all about practicals and creativity, this is the sector for you. You get to learn by applying your knowledge in the field. There are different kinds of courses here in the designing section that allows you to choose your interest and your majors. You even get to develop your skills as you carry on with the course that you have chosen.

  • Education and Teaching Courses After 12th Science
    • Diploma Courses
      • Diploma in Primary Education
      • Diploma in Elementary Education
      • Diploma in Yoga Education
      • Diploma to become a Gym Instructor
    • Degree Courses
      • Bachelor of Education
      • Bachelor of Physical Education
      • Bachelor of Special Education
      • Bachelor of Elementary Education

Why choose Education and Teaching Courses?

Entering into the education and teaching sector is a noble deed. You get an opportunity to inspire people and make a change. Also, you have a scope for teaching all kinds of subjects that do not have to be about your chosen stream. There are various other benefits that are associated with these jobs as well.

Scope and Career Options after 12th Science

The scope and career options for stream specific and non-stream specific courses generally differ. There are different career options after 12th science that are specific to the stream and choice of subjects, and different for the courses that do not require the candidate to be from the science stream. Given in the following is the scope of various areas and sectors after the choice of courses after 12th.

Stream Specific Courses

There is a vast scope for the science students given the choice of subjects. Career options after 12th science are numerous for every subject. Some of the areas where the candidates from science field can get employed are given as follows:

  • For Biology Students
    • Government and Private Hospitals
    • Intensive Care Units
    • Nursing Homes and Health Care Centres
    • Medical Labs
    • Biopharmaceutical Companies
    • Food Technology
    • Pharmacy
    • Life Sciences
    • Agriculture
    • Research
    • Teaching
  • For Chemistry Students
    • Forensic Science
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Toxicology
    • Geochemistry
    • Water Chemistry
    • Research
    • Teaching
  • For Physics Students
    • Automotive Industry
    • Construction Industry
    • Applications Engineering
    • IT Engineering
    • Laser Engineering
    • Sofware Engineering
    • Optical Engineering
    • Aviation
    • Space Labs
    • Research
    • Teaching
  • For Maths Students
    • Architecture
    • Merchant Navy
    • Railways
    • Risk Management
    • Statistician
    • Research
    • Teaching

These are the very few of the many areas for science students after 12th. There are other sectors as well that employ science students. The science students can even apply for the competitive examinations for civil services.

Non-stream Specific Courses

As mentioned earlier, there are several non-stream specific courses after 12th science that can be pursued irrespective of the stream of choice. The sectors that provide these courses have quite an elaborated scope for progress. These are listed as follows:

  • Career opportunities in Travel and Tourism
      • Transportation
      • Travel Agencies
      • Accommodation
      • Tour Management
      • Tour Guides
      • Travel Insurance Company
      • Air Ticketing
      • Tourism Offices - Government and Non-government
      • MICE - Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions
  • Career opportunities in Hotel Management
      • Food Services - Catering
      • Accommodation - Hotel and Resorts
      • Restaurants
      • Fast Food Chains
      • Concierge Services
  • Career opportunities in Media and Communication
      • Journalism and Mass media
      • Film industry
      • Entertainment sector
      • Reality shows and TV
      • Radio
  • Career opportunities in Fashion Industry
      • Styling
      • Sales
      • Fashion Journalism
      • Blogging
      • Garment Technology
      • Modelling
      • Fashion Photography
      • Apparel Design
  • Career opportunities in Designing
      • Graphic Designing
      • Cyber Security
      • Digital Marketing
      • Interior Designing
      • Landscape Designing
  • Career opportunities in Education and Teaching
    • Elementary, Primary and Secondary Schools
    • Colleges
    • Home Tutoring
    • Mentoring Special Students
    • Educational Institute partnering
    • Private Coaching

Given above are the areas that employ students from the mentioned set of non-stream specific courses. There are other areas as well that may not have been mentioned in the list. There is even wider scope than known which can be explored after entering the field.

Salary for Courses after 12th Science

Like the career options, the salary for different courses will differ as well. Salary is something that sure matters to us when we are choosing among the courses after 12th. In the following, the salaries for different kinds of courses are given for the freshers and after you have had experience in the field.

stream specific courses after 12th science

Stream Specific Courses

There are four major subjects in the science stream. The pay scale in all these areas will also differ accordingly. The bifurcation of the salaries in different areas is given as follows:

  • For Biology Students
    The salary for biology students who have completed their degrees and diplomas is generally 10k to 12k. This is excluding the ones who have acquired MBBS or BDS or any other degree of the same stature. For one of these degrees, the pay when they start the practice ranges from 15k to 20k which will differ as per the kind of employment they choose.
  • For Chemistry Students
    The analyst and lab technician jobs earn about 10k to 12k. If you choose to pursue further education, the salary will generally range from 15k to 17k. Also, it differs for the teachers and professors who teach chemistry.
  • For Physics Students
    With the engineering jobs, the candidates earn about 15k to 20k from the beginning but it is still difficult to find jobs in this sector. If you choose to pursue a diploma or a Bachelor of Science degree, the will range in between 10k and 12k. The pay scale will be more if you decide to acquire further education in the field.
  • For Maths Students
    If the students from Maths choose to go for engineering, the pay scale will be the same as for the physics students. If you choose to go for a Bachelor of Science degree, the statistician and the mathematicians will get paid in the range of 10k to 12k as freshers.

Non-stream Specific Courses

As we know there are various courses in different sectors, the salaries in the non-stream specific sectors will differ as per the choice of field and the course. In the following, the approximate ranges of salaries are given depending on the choice of course and the area.

  • Salary in the Travel and Tourism Industry

Travel and tourism courses in India are quite common courses after 12th that are interesting yet providing. The salary in travel and tourism industry, in the beginning, is not as much for the diploma courses, but if you decide to get a paid internship, the pay later is enough for a quality living. For freshers, it may range from 8k to 13k for the freshers which can later increase with the experience.

  • Salary in Hotel Management

The salary in hotel management is high once you have a good job and have enough experience. However, the stipend for the interns is comparatively higher than in other areas. There also are certain complementary benefits to the ones employed in this sector. The stipend for freshers is between 5k to 7k and once employment is confirmed, the salary will go up to 12k to 15k or more.

    • Salary in Media and Communication :

Another well paying sector is of Media and Communication. Even in this sector, the students get an opportunity to learn on the job. The salary will vary from job to job but generally speaking, the stipend that interns get is about 5k and the salaries range from 8k to 12k. It will increase as and when you have enough experience in the area.

  • Salary in the Fashion Industry :

The fashion industry is quite a creative field and is among the first choices. The salary in this industry is generous once you have developed the required skills. For the freshers, the salary will range from 10k to 15k per month and once you have considerable experience in the fashion industry, the salary can even go up from 1L to a few lakhs as well.

  • Salary in Designing :

As a fresher in designing, you may find the salary as a struggle. However, once you know your work and have enough projects to demonstrate your potential to your customers, you can earn enough for a stable living. At times, the payment may not be as steady but with freelancing, a fresher can make 4k to 5k. On the other hand, if you are working from the office, the salary will range from 10k to 15k for the beginners.

  • Salary in Education and Teaching

Education and teaching generally may not be very generous in terms of salary in the beginning. Although, there are certain benefits to these jobs as well. The teachers generally get 15k or more as salary after B.Ed, which will increase with the experience. The pay may even be higher in private institutions and particular government organizations as well.

Career options after 12th science are plenty to suit everyone’s areas of interest. More often than not, the choice of courses after 12th might affect your future decisions and career options. After 12th, you have a chance to switch your streams and do something that fascinates you rather than something people think has a good scope. This is the time when you can experiment as well. You do not have to be anxious about having to choose something that guarantees a secure future, you can go with your instincts and your interests.

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