5 Ways a Professional Certification Can Grow Your Career

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Educational degrees play an influential factor in everyone life. But there are many individuals who pursue professional certification after completing their degree. WHY?

Certificate courses are thought to be the best for the individuals who wish to study less theoretical and more of practical education in less time. Earning a certificate upgrades individual's abilities that not only enhances person's skills but pays to bump ahead that influences him to emerge from others. Irrespective of the industry you’re in or want to be in, people pursue certificate courses in order to advance & improve their skills. Which is not possible regular long-term courses. A “Certified” adds a lot of benefits to your profile.

Let’s Consider, Travel & Tourism industry

Statistics say, travel and tourism trends are changing quickly further it is one of the fastest growing industry with endless career opportunities. As per report stated by WTTC “In 2016 Travel & Tourism directly supported 25,394,500 jobs (5.8% of total employment). This is expected to rise by 2.1% in 2017 and rise by 2.1% pa to 31,910,000 jobs (6.1% of total employment) in 2027”. So, with the help of advance diploma & certification courses, you can enhance your skills in order to lift up your career as compared to the others.

Here’s something that will help you to convert your passion into a career. 5 Ways a Professional Certification Can Grow Your Career.

1. Boosting your CV
Professional travel & tourism certification is considered as a huge booster for your resume. It adds value to your skill set and showcases professional qualities that every employer want in their employees.

2. Key for high pay and promotions
A considerable measure of study demonstrates that individuals having professional certification, cause 5% to 20% increase in salaries as they have additional skills and are more productive to the company. That’s because professional courses prepare an individual to deal with day to day challenges of the industry.Example: Say, people who are certified in travel and tourism are able to make perfect use of their specific skills to deal as per industry requirement as a travel agent, air- ticketing, tour managers etc.  

3. Certificates - A stepping stone for Career
As you do not have certificates to show the experience. There are many professional reasons when you might find yourself stuck in a profession. Many of us want to switch our career and work for the second source of income, else want to groom their passion or built their own identity.  Along these lines, professional certification courses are the perfect answer for above mention problems as they are the stepping stone for your career.

4. Helps to choose your profession
Professional courses act as a gateway to enter into the certain stream of choice and also helps in giving the idea about personal interest. You are the expert when you have specialization in one course. There are some sectors where it is difficult to get a job without certain proficient learned skills. If you wish to change your industry in limited time, certification courses help you to follow your passion.

5. Demonstrate your Abilities and Earning Respect
Always it is not about money, a new career, job change or promotion as personal development and confidence. Professional certificate in tourism and travel management act as a proof of your expertise and knowledge. It acts as a gateway to showcase your abilities in front of your colleagues and gain their respect. Professional courses not only improve your skills but also built up your confidence in the workplace.

Add an extra side to your resume! Join a certification course today.

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