Indian Tourism Industry Experiencing Exponential Growth

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In 2017 the government unanimously adopted many new projects and agenda for future environmental, social and economic progress. In order to achieve sustainable development goals for people, planet and prosperity. Tourism plays an important role in order to achieve these goals. As tourism is 10% of the GDP, the economic growth of the country hence, Indian Tourism Industry is experiencing the Exponential Growth in various segments.

Earlier the word tourism was only associated with leisure trip filled with entertainment and adventure but today the word tourism has broadened its scope. Tourism not only participated in the financial growth of the country but also provide ample opportunity to everyone by giving new life to an ancient culture and exposing it to worldwide.

There are a lot of career options available for the young generation to pursue their career in travel and tourism industry by enrolling themselves in various training courses and programs like Air ticketing, Travel Agents, Airlines, Hotel Industry, Tourism Department, Resorts & Hotels, Cruise Industry etc. Today, the tourism and hospitality industry in India has become a game changer and serves as the key growth driver in the services sector in India. However, even today we are ranked 40th globally by the Travel and Tourism index of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

In this article, we have spotted lights on the growth of Indian tourism industry by providing the complete insight of the recent project and actions what the state tourism ministry and the government are performing in order to boost travel and tourism Industry in India. The study includes the discussion of economic, social, environmental, cultural and political effects by Considering the different types of tourism sectors.

Cruise  Tourism

Cruise tourism is one the fastest emerging segment in the tourism industry. It is the pleasure voyage itself with complete amenities gives you an entirely different experience. Cruise tourism has become a major part of the tourism industry with large no of foreign tourist. As India has a vast and beautiful coastline, deep forest rich in cultural and historical heritage makes it a fabulous tourist destination among the tourist. The cruise segment is new and is incredibly diversified with the huge growth of Job opportunities and economic growth.

Recently, Maharashtra's Minister of Tourism Jayakumar Rawal said cruise tourism will “create more jobs while making a value addition of Rs 32,500 crore to the national economy.”As shipping ministry plans to convert all six ports into cruise ports” introducing e-visas at ports like Mumbai, Goa, Kochi and Chennai.

Religious Tourism

Religious tourism contributes a big share in India’s GDP as India is described as the land of Gods. Pilgrimage is popular among all religion and people keep on traveling to these religious places. It also attracts a lot of foreign tourists every year. The government-run various programs like ‘Atithi Devo Bhava Program’ where the local people are educated on how to behave with the foreign visitors, take care of their safety and security and also by giving them economic opportunities for their livelihood.

Recently the Uttar Pradesh government has undertaken the development of 10 new airports in to boost religious business tourism in India by increasing the connectivity between the religion, region and business to boost the economy of the country.

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a growing sector in India the term given to the phenomena of people traveling to another country seeking medical treatment. Medical tourism in India is becoming more popular as patients are seeking better and cheaper options for treatment in India. With skilled doctors, low-cost treatment and superlative healthcare infrastructure, India have seen exponential growth in medical tourism.

Current trends in the medical sector communicate that medical tourism people visit India from other countries for two reasons either the cost is low or the rich Ayurveda. The government also promoted medical tourism by organizing the campaign and wellness shows. The government said that the value of medical tourism in India is likely to touch USD 9 billion by 2020 forecast as compared to the USD 3 billion in 2015.


Eco - Tourism is all about combining conservation, communities and sustainable travel. Nowadays people, as well as the government, have become more keen towards promoting Ecotourism around the world. The International Ecotourism Society defines Eco -Tourism as

"responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education"

Recently report stated that Ecotourism has witnessed a huge growth in recent years in India. May 2017 the Kerala government executed 10 forest-centered ecotourism circuit projects. The ecotourism circuits were envisaged to promote tourism without hurting the environment and preserve local culture.

Government Role

The government took a lot of initiative to promote tourism in India the Ministry of Tourism has launched many programs and campaign to boost the travel and tourism industry further the Government of India has allowed 100% FDI in this industry. 'Incredible India’'the campaign is to attract the tourist nationally as well as internationally both. The government also launched its mobile application to help the tourist with key information about various destinations in India to find hotels, top sighted places, guides and restaurant.

Even many states also participated to promote tourism growth like West Bengal planning to set up eco-tourism project, Maharashtra planning to build cultural spot like Times Square in Mumbai for tourist as a popular entertainment zone, etc.
Various programs have been launched to educate local people on how to behave with the foreign visitors respect them, maintain proper hygiene, be honest with them and take care of their safety and security under the program called ‘Atithi Devo Bhava Program’.

India registered 14.4% foreign tourist growth by November 2017 providing new gateways of the Indian tourism industry. Hope this article helped in understanding the exponential growth tourism sector by providing abundant ways to grow your career in travel and tourism industry as there is no better time to gain the skills.

Note* The statistics provided in the article is based on the data provided by the news reporting sites.

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