Tourism Jobs Abroad

Travel and tourism industry is known to be one of the most fascinating and providing industries. Anyone would like to be a part of this rapidly growing sector. One can get a job in travel and tourism without a specified degree, however, more options open up to you when you acquire a degree or a diploma in travel and tourism.

There are jobs in travel and tourism in every corner of the world. Global tourism is a field that renders to a major section of youth employment. In this article, you will find out about how a career in travel and tourism can be built and the opportunities in international tourism careers and their scope.

Global Tourism Growth

Tourism has been growing globally consecutively for about a decade. Hundreds of millions of jobs are being created every year in this sector. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), the last recorded were 319 million jobs in the year 2018. One in ten jobs globally is a job in travel and tourism. The jobs were created to support the youth and for women empowerment as well.

Various parts of the world have experienced rapid growth, but the South Asian countries have seen exceptional growth since the 1950s. In the past, it was a thing only for the wealthy and rich to travel overseas for tourism and leisure. However, this has changed in the last few decades as the visa requirements have been made much easier and the stay is granted for as few as a couple of weeks. And in turn, the industry has even opened doors to jobs in almost every corner of the world.

Provided the leniency in the visa rules and regulations, it has become easier to look for jobs and employment in tourism abroad. Some of the developed countries like the United States even encourage foreign workers to settle in the country, providing citizenship. A career in travel and tourism can give you a boost and can bring success when done right.

Scope of Travel and Tourism Career Abroad

There are various areas one can get appointed in the areas of travel and tourism. The scope for every area is different and requires a different kind of skill set.


Some of the sectors in travel and tourism along with the scope are given as follows:

Transportation and Air Ticketing

One of the largest and most important parts of the travel and tourism industry is transportation. This can be by road, water or by air. A sub-sector of transportation is air ticketing. There are even travel and tourism courses that allow you to specialise in air ticketing. These courses are affiliated to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). There are different kinds of IATA courses provided by quite a number of universities and institutes in India as well as abroad. With such a diploma, you can get employed in one of the high-end travel agencies or you can even start services on your own.


People are travelling across the world and the trips are generally longer and the travellers do look for quality accommodation. Hoteling and lodging are the parts of accommodation. After transportation, hotel management and hospitality are the sectors that provide most jobs in travel and tourism. You can either be employed in the management section or provide services for hotel and villa bookings. These can be for international trips as well as domestic trips. Therefore, hospitality and hotel management are a crucial part of the travel and tourism industry.

Tour Management

The course of planning a trip can be stressful and time-consuming. It is also the most important part of any trip. Well, if planning vacations and getting deals is your strong hand, then you can get a job in tour management. The sector of tour management is all about planning detailed trips and going on the journey with the travellers and making sure that they are well provided and have everything they need at hand. You can get certified to do this by graduating with a degree or a diploma in tourism management. Handling of clients, managing the tour, planning the day, taking care of emergencies and inconveniences, are the major aspects of tourism management.


A sector that relates to the event management and travel and tourism is of MICE. It constitutes of planning of trips for various kinds of events that include Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions. Mainly, it is about booking a venue, sending invites to the concerned party, the arrangement of transportation and accommodation if required, getting appropriate refreshments for the guests with proper suited food items and beverages. A general diploma in travel and tourism can also help you get a job in this very sector. There are various kinds of international conferences for business and other purposes. Arranging these events can help you earn enough money to have more than a quality life.

Travel agencies

A well known and booming part of the travel and tourism industry are the travel agencies. You do not need a necessary degree to put up an agency on your own, you probably will just need enough experience and the funding to start your agency. Travel agencies are the backbone of the travel and tourism industry. Setting up an agency abroad might be tricky though. There are certain rules that you need to follow. Generally, you will require to tie up with a foreign-based company. There are certain requirements for the same, be it issuance of a visa or attestation of documents.

 These are some of the common areas in which you can have a successful and providing career in travel and tourism. There are other parts of the tourism sector as well that employ candidates internationally like travel insurance companies and tourism entrepreneurship.

Courses to Develop a Career in Tourism Industry

Not always will you require to pursue a certain degree to get into a field. Courses are there so that you can specialise in your favourite area and be prepared for the opportunities to come. Courses in travel and tourism are of different kinds. There are degree courses and then there are diploma courses in tourism.


 The following sections will list out some of the courses that are a part of the travel industry:

  • Diploma Courses
    • Diploma in Travel and Tourism
    • Diploma in Tourism Management
    • Diploma in Tourism Entrepreneurship
    • IATA Foundation course
    • IATA Consultant course
    • IATA GDS fares and Air Ticketing course
  • Bachelors Courses
    • Bachelor of Tourism Management
    • Bachelor of Travel and Tourism
    • Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management
    • Bachelor of Airlines and Tourism Management
    • Bachelor of Airlines, Tourism, and Hospitality Management

These are only the courses that are commonly known among the students who are willing to develop a career in travel and tourism especially. There are other courses as well that will allow you to get a job in travel and tourism. Some of the courses are specific to universities and certain countries as well.

Requirements to get Job in Tourism Industry Abroad

There are several formalities and documentation processes that you need to go through in order to get a job abroad. There is a certain procedure that you need to follow for the same. 


In the following, there is a step by step process that will help you understand how to get a job abroad.

  • Know what you need

Before applying, you must first know what kind of employment you are looking for and search for jobs accordingly. Even in the travel sector, there are different kinds of jobs. You must know if you want to work in tourism management, a travel agency, a travel insurance company or in any other part of the tourism industry.

  • Look for a job

After you know what kind of job you need, you can then start looking for a suitable job. Several companies are hiring at the same time. You can connect with the companies and the people working at the firm through social media like LinkedIn. Create an impressive profile and mention your qualifications and skills. You can then apply for the jobs that are available in your sector.

  • Getting appointed

After a number of procedures and multiple interviews, you will then be appointed to one of the companies. You will receive an acceptance letter from the firm confirming your employment. This is an important document which will be required in almost all of the further process that is to be carried out. Once you have a job, you can then carry on to collect all the necessary requirements and the documents requested by the company.

  • Authentication of the documents

When you have all your documents, you will need to get them legalized. The kind of legalization that you need will depend on the country you have been employed in. If the country is a part of the Hague Convention, you will have to obtain document apostille. If the country that you have applied to is not a part of the Hague Convention, you will then need to acquire certificate attestation. Mainly, you will have to authenticate your educational documents, however, if you are married and you are taking your spouse and child with you, you may need to attest personal documents like the marriage certificate and birth certificate as well. There may be other document legalization needs as well based on your requirements.

  • Obtaining a permit

When you have attested your documents, you can apply for a work permit. This generally is a temporary resident permit that will allow you to stay and work in the respective country. The procedures to obtain the same vary from country to country. You can go through a visa guide before applying for any permit.

  • Travelling overseas

Processing of the visa will take time and once you receive your permit, there are certain things 

that you need to keep in mind. There are differences in the rules and regulations but there also are some common pointers to consider when you are travelling away from your native country. Even if you are a temporary resident, you are not granted all the facilities and benefits that are provided to the citizens. You are supposed to stay within the limits. Also, at the time of travel, you must carry all the necessary documents and check your belongings from time to time. Do not overstay in the country post-expiration of your permit, if you need to stay longer, you can apply for an extension if permitted by the respective government.

A career in travel and tourism has a wide range of opportunities. The sector is widespread and there are numerous varieties in the related areas as well. You can apply for a job in travel and tourism in not just India, but abroad as well. Most of the major countries want a developed world and therefore, have taken initiatives to provide jobs to candidates of various nationalities. This has only opened up doors for all the capable candidates across the world.

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