Trending Career Choice For Your Children

Thumb trending career choice for your child

Are you worried about your child’s career? Before you realize, your kid will be appearing for his board exams and you will not have ample of time to think what career options are best for him.

It is very difficult to advice kids on dinner table, how careers really work today and how to get any job, much less a great job. So, we will help you out with some extraordinary career options depending on your child hobbies and Interest.

The virtual reality became the real world which is very different place today to the one you lived while making study, training and career related decisions. New roles, fields and dimensions are being created all the time thus generating more opportunities such as Media, Designing, Tourism and Hospitality Industry.
It seems ample of newly discovered jobs are open to young people today that didn't even existed 10 years ago.

The parent's role in career selection is very crucial as they are not just authority figure, but they are friend, philosopher and guide. So you need to come out of that comfort zone of deciding your child’s future to make him an engineer and doctor in an early childhood.

A child can achieve excellence in any field, you just need to understand  their interest in different subjects and support them.

If your child is a science whiz or good in mathematics, he can achieve excellence in field of science and commerce. No doubt, there is vast career scope, and job prospects in the field of science and commerce.

As a parent you know your child better than anyone else and you certainly desire best for them. However, if your child possess creative skills and good communication, then you should consider their career in travel and tourism management and other creative fields like mass communication.

But, the question arises are there any job opportunities in travel and tourism management ? 

Abundant Opportunities: Travel and Tourism is an emerging industry and there is a huge demand for job-ready professionals in aviation and tour management. Moreover, the skills your child acquire during their college days will be impeccable. A travel and tourism career opportunities can open multiple avenues for your child with so many national and international job prospects.

Where To Study Travel and Tourism Management: There are various government and private, travel and tourism institutes offering multiple specialized courses after 12th.

Social benefits: Travel and tourism industry is directly proportional to the economy of the country. It contributes to the society in terms of creating jobs for local communities and educating them.

Get Certified: Obtaining the right certification for travel and tourism related job can boost your child’s career in this field. If you want career opportunity on a global scale then a tourism diploma can be your child’s passport to one of the fastest growing and most exciting industries. Your child will gain the knowledge and skills to coach others in job skills, develop and implement operational plans and a working knowledge of the tourism industry. 

Following are the job prospects in travel and tourism industry after completing diploma or certifications from any renowned travel and tourism institute.

  • Tourism Offices
  • Tourism Department
  • Private Sector
  • Public sector
  • International Airlines
  • Domestic Airlines
  • Reservation Desk
  • Airline Offices Overseas
  • Travel MNCs
  • Tour Operators
  • Tourist Guides
  • Travel Blogger
  • Check-in Staff at Airport
  • Travel Agencies

Is work experience essential?
This depends on the job role. Because so many senior figures grow their way up from the most junior designations, it is definitely an advantage to have at least some experience in travel and tourism. This is also one of the areas where it is easiest to get part-time work. For instance experience as a travel agent or tour manager.

Designing and Media Industry: The designing industry has transformed to become extremely sophisticated and digitally focused. It is field of creativity and art-forms. Where one can use his power of imagination and create and design amazing artifacts.
Whereas media Industry has been evolved with time and surpassed conventional media and raised new career opportunities in terms of online journalism and digital marketing.

Employment aspect in this field is very bright the reason is lack of awareness and not many skilled employees are easily available. If you think business is best for your child then one can start their own business in travel and tourism or any other creative field by taking additional partners. 

“We limit our child’s potential, Set them free they’ll transform the world”

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