Among These 8 Categories, What Type Of Traveler Are You?


Travelling is the remarkable channel to introduce yourself to the world and everyone has a different need for a vacation.
Travelling is fantastic fun. Before we start discussing different types of travellers, I have a question for you all -

Travelling to the same place, with different people (i.e. group) gives you unique experience? How many of you agree with this question.

It’s because travellers have diverse categories, Everyone has one destination, but we all have a different approach to reach there. The trip experience varies with the troop like - as a couple, alone, or in a group we always get different travelling experience with different folks.

In this article, we have discussed different types of Travellers that you probably have met once in your life. Read and identify WHAT TYPE OF TRAVELLER ARE YOU?

Here, we have mentioned 8 types of Travelers you will meet on your journey!


1) The Obsessive Photographer

These travellers are easy to recognise, you will always find them with their camera Hanging around the neck with a pair of expensive lenses. They keep on snapping the pictures of almost everything from the monuments, animals to food on the journey, regardless of whether it is for making a collection, for online networking post or for themselves. They just catch the whole trip in their camera.


2) The Budget freak traveller

They are the most frugal kind of traveller, the one who pays attention in calculating and speculating about the least expensive conceivable option which can be anything from accommodation to transportation. These kinds of people make most out of their budget as keep on thinking of different ways to do cost management on the trip, by finding some or other super deals and offers. If one such budget freak traveller is not accompanying you on your trip then surely you will miss great deals and offers, as most people don't even bother about it actually.


3) The Social Media Freak

This is the most widely recognised classification of travellers. I bet, you will definitely find one near you. Updating every single moment of the trip, and tagging every member of the trip, with the huge number of Hashtags, Selfies and Pictures on Instagram & Facebook posts. In their whole trip, they are involved in watching the Likes, Comments, Share and the notifications of their posts.


4) The Adventure Lover - Thrill Seekers

These are 'Free Spirits' kind of people and generally prefer a less planned vacation. They are full of energy and do not restrict themselves to few activities. They always keep on exploring new places for trekking and other adventure activities like bungee jumping, tall mountains to climb and many more unheard adventurous places just to break their own set records. You will never find this kind of travellers chilling and relaxing on beaches and near pools at the hotels.

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5) The Exhausters

These are the kind of travellers are generally those who take a few days off from their regular busy schedule and offices to unwind and rest. Making it an even more hectic schedule of travelling and exhaustion calling it as 'VACATION'. They want to watch almost every single top sight of the place they visit, that too in a single day. Relaxing on vacation is unknown to them as they prepare the complete timetable for the entire day, i.e. From 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM.


6) Rejuvenator - The WAO travellers

For them, travelling is actually intended to be relaxing, no additional work. They do resemble the chill kind of individuals, No issue where they go, what they do? They never have complaints about anything they adjust according to the situation and the place. The place really doesn't make a difference for them as they appreciate each and everything on the trip. All they need is to energise themselves. They usually go for a short excursion with family, companions and gatherings.


7) The Interest-specific travellers

This category belongs to all those travellers who have their specific interest about the place for instance if they adore nature they like to go to the natural and scenic sort of spots for which you can call them as 'Nature Lover'. They have a reason to travel and there is numerous traveller with specific interests. Most of the time these guys are not found travelling anywhere aside from their particular interest.


8) The Groupies

The group travellers are always found travelling in packs of 5 to 6 member. These kinds of travellers rarely travel solo and prefer to travel with there group and make almost every holiday trip successful. The enthusiasm and energy of the group are fueled by each member as these travellers are social and interactive with others. These groupies are coordinating and provide the great enjoyment and experience to the other group members of their trip.

You've probably travelled with some of these types before. Which one are you or want to be? Share your comments below.

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