India registered 14.4% Foreign Tourist growth in November 2017

Posted on 13 Dec 2017

More than 10 lakh foreign tourists visited India in November 2017, The Tourism Ministry of India has registered a rise of 14.4%over the same period last year

The ministry reported, the number of constantly increased of tourist arrivals( FTAs) in India inThe number of foreign tourist arrivals (FTAs) in India from November 2017 was 10.05, while it was reported 8.78 lakh in November 2016 and 8.16 lakh in November 2015, according.Hence, looking at the number of the visitor we can accept a huge growth tourism industry in coming years.

The Indian tourism ministry monthly estimates of FTAs, including those with e-tourist visas, on the basis of their nationality and port. The estimates are based on data received from the Bureau of Immigration (BOI). and further shared the percentage share of the top 15 countries applying for their e-Tourist visa facilities for the coming years

“These countries include UK (17.1%), USA (11.6%), Russian Federation (6.6%), France (5.7%), Germany (4.8%), China (4.8%), Australia (4.5%), Canada (4.3%), Korea (Rep. of) (2.6%), Thailand (2.4%), Italy (2.4%), Singapore (2.1%), Oman (1.8%),Spain (1.8%) and Netherlands (1.5%).”

source: zeebiz

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