Kathleen Matthews appointed as WTTC Ambassador

Posted on 2 Jul 2018

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) announced Kathleen Matthews as the WTTC Ambassador. She is an award-winning journalist, global hotel company executive and tourism advocate.

The aim to choose Ms. Matthews was her strong leadership quality and great experience in Travel and Tourism industry. It is believed that Kathleen Matthews will expand the Council’s voice through her influence and collaborative work. 

WTTC President and CEO, Gloria Guevara said, ‘I am delighted to announce the appointment of Ms. Matthews as WTTC Ambassador. Ms. Matthews, along with our other Ambassadors around the world, possesses deep sector knowledge of the Travel & Tourism industry, following strong career experience within the sector. Her proven record of success is representative of the mission and values of WTTC and we look forward to working together on behalf of Travel & Tourism.’

She also mentioned, “Travel & Tourism is a powerful engine for employment, economic development, and opportunity around the world,” said Matthews. “I am so motivated to be an advocate for how we continue to grow our industry responsibly to create new jobs in emerging and advanced markets and provide experiences for travelers to better understand cultures and why we must protect our planet.”

Source: eturbonews

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