New Airport at Kannur will Open New Gateway for Tourism

Posted on 15 Dec 2017

Tourism on rising? Tourism industry hoping a boost in tourist attraction in Mysuru and Kodagu - the new international airport Kannur, Greenfield airport in Kerala which will shortly inaugurate for flight operation shortly.

Authorities invite Mysuru Travels Association for a tour of the greenfield airport as it opens a new tourist gateway for Kodagu and Mysuru as it eventually improves the bonding between the two states boosting tourism and also grows it economically. 

Mysuru Travels Association (MTA) B.S Prashanth said,

“Mysuru is the transit route to Madikeri. Once the airport becomes operational, Kodagu may become the new transit zone to Mysuru if tourists prefer flying to Kannur instead of Bengaluru when they plan their vacation to the ‘Land of coffee’. Tourism is booming in Kodagu with scores of home stays and popular hill resorts to unwind,”

The tourism authorities also mentioned-

“There is a little worry as Kodagu is getting commercialized. We don’t want the place to meet the same fate as Ooty which has undergone rapid commercialization. To some extent, Kodagu should retain its serene identity to be in the competition,” 

According to tour and travel tourist who wishes to visit Mysuru and Madikeri may opt travel to Kannur instead to Bangalore airport. The MTA invited to the stakeholders and authorities for a tour of the greenfield airport to check and start the operation.
Source :TheHindu

Thumb greenfield airport kerela

Large greenfield airport kerela