Artificial Intelligence will Revise the Future of Tourism Sector

Posted on 22 Jan 2018

Hotel Industry is planning to utilize Artificial Intelligence to show better information of customers via personal data provides on reservation or “Beacon Technology”

"Technology will allow us to know what the client needs before he even knows he wants it," says Alvaro Carrillo de Albornoz, head of Spain's Hotel Technology Institute.

A hotel room automatically brings into an agreement according to the need of each guest, with new technologies like virtual reality headset, AI algorithm to track the guest hoping to benefit from lucrative personal data.

Some Important Points Are -

  • A prototype of the hotel industry for checked-in will completely change. Hotels of the future will provide checked-in via a mirror equipped recognition.
  • Once the client is identified, the room adapts itself automatically to all demands made at reservation: temperature, lighting, Picasso or Van Gogh in the digital frames hanging on the walls.
  • Hotels incorporated with cutting-edge speech recognition technology, allowing to guest to order in 40 languages
  • Even the lock is intelligent — it opens and closes via the WhatsApp application on the client’s phone.
  • Apart from data collection, AI algorithms will help in determining the client's like and dislike offering a tailor-made experience or sell them additional products for their special events and purpose. All purchases can be made automatic.
  • Virtual reality (VR) headsets will be provided to the visitors so that they can carry with them and can get the amazing experience of the place. Promoting this tool to tourism professionals as the brochure of the future, without too much success so far in some places by virtual reality travel agents in the world.
Source: The Hindu

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