Latest Tourism Trends in India -2018

Posted on 18 Jan 2018

However the continuous growth in travel and tourism industry, there are many trends where the industry is flourishing at a fast rate. The tourism industry of the country has undergone various changes over the time. 

Now days traveling is not just the leisure activity but Travel and tourism have become an integral part of human life. The trends are changing at a rapid speed 
and the statistics become outdated quickly.

Here's our breakdown of 2018's travel trends and how the industry can get ready for a whirlwind year.

Growing opportunities for Low Budget Travellers
With the setups like hostels for travelers, various pocket-friendly low budget options have come up recently in India.The taxes and other expenses for moving around the country are comparatively lower from other foreign destinations, therefore, it also becomes a good choice for budget travelers from around the globe.

Visa on Arrival Boosting Tourism
Visa on arrival boost tourism as the visit of foreign visitors has been observed more, this policy is expected to be extended to more than 100 nationalities in the coming years.
Rise of Boutique Hotels
A recent surge in the number of boutique hotels in the country has offered a wide variety of staying options for tourists. These boutique hotels provide the comfort while letting the visitors indulge more in their surroundings, thus promoting tourism.
Exploring New Destinations
Domestic as well as international tourists both are expressing continued interest in exploring new and lesser-known destinations in the country.

So the opportunities for the future are amazing, the future of the Indian travel and tourism industry definitely looks bright with the latest trends prevailing. 

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