On this World Ocean Day, make travel a responsible journey.

Posted on 9 Jun 2018

As we celebrate World Ocean Day, it is our responsibility to travel responsibly. 70% of our planet is covered by ocean. The five major oceans form our beautiful world. It is known that since long ago, humans love to travel from one place to other. But, from few decades, traveling has turned out to be harmful towards our nature. Our oceans are getting polluted and endangering the natural inhabitant of the ocean. 
Recently, it was found that a whale was found dead. The reason behind the death was it had consumed a huge amount of plastic that was dumped into the ocean. We not only are increasing the global warming but also risking the lives of these innocent creatures. 
So, this World Ocean Day, let us all create awareness and implementing it by taking few steps while traveling. Here, are few things that we can do:

No plastics
Plastics are the most dangerous thing in nature. Being nondegradable, plastics stay forever in the oceans. We can use alternatives for plastic bags with paper bags or cloth bags. Instead of using plastic bottles, we can carry our own reusable bottles. These small steps make a huge difference to the plastic producing industry. This will ultimately make them produce something which is eco-friendly.

No Littering
We think that ocean can take up all the waste that we litter in the ocean. But, that is not true. The waste we throw in the ocean gets accumulated in these huge oceans. Just remember when you travel to the beach or sail in the ocean, not to litter the surrounding. Which will eventually reduce the pollution level in the oceans! Be generous and keep the beaches clean, as it will also make the beach look clean.

Last but not the least. Walk wherever possible. If you want to travel a distance of a kilometer or two, walk to your destination instead of hiring a taxi or cab. This will reduce the pollution that is generated by vehicles as well as it will reduce the consumption of the fuel. Walking can actually give you a very different experience which you cherish.

You can also avoid products that are offered for free which are wrapped up in the plastics. These types of free products are specially given in the plane or the hotels. Try avoiding it and soon we can make a huge difference towards our nature. 

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