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22 Jun 2018 Tourism

Is Travel Insurance Really Necessary these Days

As people are engaging more and more into traveling, travel insurance is usually neglected. People think that they have had enough experience with traveling and nothing can go wrong. One such incident occurred with Vaneeta Sethi. When she was traveling to the UK to meet her son, though it wasn’t the first time that she was traveling to the UK, she lost her luggage. She was traveling by a foreign airline, which caused more complications. She said, "I was nervous. I asked the airport officials to help me out. They tried to look for my luggage but could not locate it. Here I was ready to meet my son after a year and yet, all that I had brought for especially for him was lost. I first blamed the airline, which promised me the best of help. But I realized later that not taking a travel insurance was actually my fault".  People usually risk their belongs and do not choose a proper travel insurance policy. 

Travel insurance offers various types of policies which may or may not cover all the loss. So, it is essential to carefully choose a policy which best fits your travel plan. Usually, medical insurance is covered while one applies for a travel insurance. But, it is expected when one chooses a policy he/she is well which is beneficial when any situation occurs. 

There are few things to keep in mind while buying an insurance policy. Points that should be considered are, how much amount is payable? What loss is included? Are medical emergencies covered? Along with this, it is important that you keep the bill of whatever things you have and you might require while reclaiming to the insurance company. 

Also, adventure sports usually are not covered under the travel insurance policy. Especially when it has a travel warning. If one is high on alcohol or drugs, your insurance coverage gets void and you cannot claim. 

Source: NDTV

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