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13 May 2019 Convocation ceremoney

Travind Institute Delivers 4th Convocation Ceremony of the academic year 2018-2019

Travel and tourism industry has scaled a massive leap in recent times with the government taking every possible step to boost the tourism industry in the country. However, the Travind Institute of Travel and Tourism witnessed its 4th convocation ceremony in the presence of two renowned personalities in the Tourism & Hospitality industry, Dr L.S. Chirmule, Principal of the BVDU Institute of HMCT, Pune, along with Prof. Nachiket Aradhye, who was present as a keynote speaker. The ceremony was hosted by Ms.Pooja N. Pardesi, a senior faculty at Travind Institute, Pune.
The ceremony kick started with felicitation of the chief guests by Mr.Bhimrao Gotarne, Branch Head of the Travind Institute, accompanied by Ms.Shweta Bodhe, Director of Travind. However, the students present at the ceremony were addressed by the Key Note speaker, Prof. Nachiket Aradhye, who has had a vast experience in the industry. He stressed on how the Hospitality and Tourism Industry goes hand-in-hand:
“It’s no longer a hidden truth that Hospitality and Travel Industry goes hand-in-hand. In the absence of tourism, hospitality suffers a direct impact. Similarly, in today’s scenario, we can readily observe that the students are failing to be consistent enough to survive in the industry. I have had a major struggle to reach the consistency level that made me achieve success. And hence, while going hand-in-hand with the booming opportunities in the industry, one must also take care of maintaining
the consistency to give the tourism industry a major boost.”
To share a piece of knowledge with the students, out of her overall experience, so far, Dr L.S. Chirmule quoted that,

“We have been blessed with the outcomes of the booming hospitality and tourism industry. But, while going hand-in-hand with the industry, there’s also a great need felt of grooming the students. Earlier, only the visual appearance was considered, but as per to what the pacing industry suggests, we need to evolve with the overall skills. You may also be judged upon your representation in public. And hence, do not restrict yourself … absorb as much knowledge as you can.”
Later, the students who were top performers throughout the years, in overall aspects, were called upon the stage to award them for their success. Neha Panjwani was awarded as a ‘Student of the year’ for securing the 1st rank in all her previous semesters, followed by Vedika Kulkarni with ‘Most Consistent Student Award’ for her 95 % attendance. Shruti Neve was awarded for securing the first rank in her recent academics, laced up with 95 % attendance.
The ‘Travind Institute of Travel and Tourism’ has kept innovating things that could benefit society. Similarly, the convocation ceremony introduced a new concept, where an NGO named ‘Nirmalya Trust’ was given a lot of old clothes of the students in exchange for saplings. Later, Dr L.S. Chirmule and Prof. Nachiket Aradhye were awarded by the ‘Achievement Award’ and ‘Award of Excellence, respectively, for their years of outstanding work in the industry. The award was presented by Ms Shweta Bodhe.


27 Dec 2017 Tourism

Tourism Growth - Mumbai witness steady growth in Cruise tourism

‘Travel and Tourism’-the new engine for India growth. Cruise tourism is one segment of the tourism industry and is famous all over the globe. It is one of the expensive, luxury tourism witnessed a steady growth over time. India also has a large number of travelers who choose to spend time at sea and explore popular destinations at the same time.

Maharashtra's Minister of Tourism Jayakumar Rawal said cruise tourism will “create more jobs while making a value addition of Rs 32,500 crore to the national economy.”

An increase in the cruise tourism will increase the economic growth of the country as the purchasing power for India’s middle class has fuelled a rising demand for luxury travel. 

Mumbai developing the city as a homeport, Jayakumar Rawal along with the chairman of the Mumbai Port Trust Sanjay Bhatia working to boosting tourism in Mumbai the port has huge capacity to explore. 

Tourism Minister Jayakumar Rawal said that the “shipping ministry plans to convert all six ports into cruise ports”. He also lauded the Immigration Department for introducing e-visas at ports like Mumbai, Goa, Kochi and Chennai.

He also announced Mumbai Mela, a shopping festival on the lines of the annual shopping event in Dubai to attract more people to the city.

Thumb ship

Large ship
26 Dec 2017 Tourism

India, European Union air pact will drive tourism said Ms. Bulc

The European Union’s Mobility and Transport Commissioner Ms Bulc has invited India to explore a longer engagement in the civil aviation industry.
Ms. Bulc talked focused on the importance of global agreement on railways and safety, security and improvements in airports.

Which result is the growth in the aviation sector in India. This will explore new career opportunities in the aviation industry in all possible concrete areas.
In an interview, Violeta Bulc said that she met Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju on Tuesday and had suggested holding an annual aviation summit in India to explore ways to improve safety, security, and the size of airports.

Ms. Bulc said - 

“We shared connectivity issues during our meeting,”  “That's why I invited the minister to consider the next step in our bilateral agreement, which would be a comprehensive aviation agreement. That will, of course, have a direct positive impact on tourism as well.”

She also met Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari and Railways Minister Piyush Goyal, where she discussed the issues related to railways and road safety.

She said - “Road safety is at the top of our agenda,”
“It has become a very important global issue. It has been elevated at the UN level as well. The Minister [Mr. Gadkari] expressed an interest in how we approached the systemic issues to decrease road safety, especially fatalities. So, I shared with him our policy attention, and also our Vision Zero, which I invited India to join.”

“One thing that was very effective in the EU was that we started to collect statistics on road safety and compare member states and wherever we saw that there was not such a good performance, we would then engage with the member state and help them make the next step,”

“In engineering, many new features will be introduced in cars, we are working with industry.”

While talking to Mr. Goyal Ms. Bulc Highlighted on the importance of global standards and had also said that there is emerging a need for an international agreement regarding railways.According to Ms. Bulc

“So, we will initiate a joint global event where we can start discussing standardization and regulator alignment on a global scale. We hope that this will emerge next year. There could be potential for a new UN chapter like we have for aviation,”


Thumb air india

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