Women's No Longer Need Any Companion to travel Saudi Arabia

Posted on 30 Jan 2018

Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) stated that  “women aged 25 and over can be granted a tourist visa to go to Saudi Arabia alone” 

Big changes are coming this year, the move gave freedom to women to travel alone to the country without any companion (no male escort or any family member will assist them as it was before). But women under 25 do need to be accompanied by a companion

Omar Al-Mubarak, Director General of the commission's licensing department said, "The tourist visa will be a single-entry visa valid for a maximum of 30 days. This visa is added to those currently available in the Kingdom. It is independent of work, visit, Hajj and Umrah visas."

According to the reports, the country has many rules and regulations for the tourist visa. It is been finalized and their issuance will be announced during the first quarter of 2018. 

"The executive regulations for tourist visas have been finalized. The commission's IT department is currently building an electronic system for the issuance of tourist visas, coordinating with representatives of the National Information Centre and the Foreign Ministry," Al-Mubarak was quoted in Arab News.

Its good for Saudi Arabia government as it will definitely increase the tourism and revenue generation for the country. It will help those women who do not have a companion or cannot afford one on their journey.

Source: India today

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