Emphasizing infra: 17 tourist locations to be developed to advance the travel and tourism industry

Posted on 8 Jul 2019

As per the newest Union Budget of 2019-20, about 100 lakh crores are to be spent in the span of the next five years on developing and enhancing of the tourist destination spots. This enhancement is to be classy and luxurious to attract travellers from across the globe. This shall result in the advancement of the travel and tourism sector in India.“Even though we are as thrilled to hear about the newest investment in the industry, a sensitive matter of developing the connectivity among the key tourist locations is still a sore spot for a rapidly growing industry in India”, said Deep Karla, Founder and Group CEO of MakeMyTrip.“Developing these 17 prime tourist locations into world-class destinations will serve as an example for other upcoming tourism spots”, said the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharam in her Budget speech. Thomas Cook in a similar sense added that it is encouraging to see the government focussing on the liquidity, FDI, infrastructure and employment along with the aviation industry.
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