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13 Mar 2018 Tourism

Technology Trends In Travel and Tourism Industry

The world was stunned by the arrival of latest technologies in recent years, same way the travel and tourism experts are surprised by the use of these technologies in travel and tourism industry. Subsequently, travel companies are opting different technologies to improve customer interface and operations.  

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According to Elena Mogos, Associate Analyst for Digital Travel & Tourism at GlobalData, remarks: “Travel still revolves around meaningful human interactions. However, to be successful, companies need to create a balance between the technological innovations and the human element. Improving the customer experience must always be on the back of travel and tourism companies’ minds when investing in technology.” - Source (Global data)

Here are some of the advance Technologies used in Travel and Tourism

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR):  Augmented Reality is being used in all other industries for content marketing or to enhance the consumer’s experience. Nowadays airlines are using VR Tech to show passengers the cabins in virtual reality, to get sell more expensive tickets.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI is almost behind every latest technology which is evolving in travel and tourism. The livingly applications of this technologies are  Machine Learning, ChatBots or Travel Bots, and Robots.

Internet of Things (IoT): Internet of Things has a lot of potentials to change the future of travel and tourism industry. For ex. Lufthansa Airlines has recently introduced the function of real-time tracking of your luggage in their respected app.

Wi-Fi connectivity: When traveling people want to stay connected with their family or friends by the medium of social media due to that most of hotels and airports are giving free of cost internet usage.

Wearable devices:  Now Disneyland and universal studio to introduce the smart  wearables to track the time for rides and to eliminate the waiting and it is smart innovation

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