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12 Oct 2018 Tourism

Union KJ Alphons Launches Mobile App Called ‘Incredible India'

The National Tourism Awards 2016-17 has been presented by Union KJ Alphons on Thursday and launched the mobile app named ‘Incredible India' along with the “Incredible India Tourist Facilitators Certification” event on the occurrence of the World Tourism Day. 
The tourism minister said, “Since four years of the government, India has taken great successful steps ahead in the tourism industry and today, it has become the cornerstone of the Indian economy.” 
“In 2019 India will be the hosting nation for the official World Tourism Day celebrations for the UNWTO” further announced by the minister.
Source - "Economic Times"

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10 Oct 2018 Tourism

Kerala Is Reestablishing Tourism

The Kerala tourism is back after a devastating flood with various new tourism initiatives. The Kerala Tourism Minister, Kadakampally Surendran pointed out by saying the season's first chartered flight from Australia to Kochi has carried 60 tourists.
The minister said after the inauguration of Kannur airport the Malabar region in north Kerala will be promoted in a huge manner. He further added that “The Government will consider arranging tours, road shows and champions boat league for travel writers.
Source: "The Week"

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31 Jan 2018 Tourism

Sri Lanka to Spent USD 7 Lakh for Tourism Campaign in India 2018

With an aim to promote Sri Lanka as a preferred destination for Indians, Sri Lanka tourism board of the country, promote Sri Lanka tourism digital campaign in India. The national embark on a major digital marketing campaign spending USD 700,000 exclusively for India this year.

According to Sutheash Balasubramaniam, Managing Director of Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, they have already floated bids for the campaign and are in the process of finalizing the proposals to start the digital campaign latest by April or May this year.

"We believe that the potential of the Indian travel market is yet to realize in terms of attracting longer stay and higher spending travelers. It is our fervent hope to make Sri Lanka the most preferred destination in Asia for Indian travelers," he said.
Chitranganee Wagiswara, High Commissioner of Sri Lanka in India proposed advancing India and Sri Lanka as double goals as a component of a movement bundle. 

" Governments can loan bolster, it is the duty of private industry to configuration travel bundles joining the two India and Sri Lanka. " She said in her current gathering with India's Tourism Minister, KJ Alphons.

Sri Lanka Tourism will be participating at the SATTE 2018 (South Asia's travel and tourism exhibition), with 52 travel agents and hoteliers.

Source: travel biz monitor
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18 Jan 2018 Tourism

Latest Tourism Trends in India -2018

However the continuous growth in travel and tourism industry, there are many trends where the industry is flourishing at a fast rate. The tourism industry of the country has undergone various changes over the time. 

Now days traveling is not just the leisure activity but Travel and tourism have become an integral part of human life. The trends are changing at a rapid speed 
and the statistics become outdated quickly.

Here's our breakdown of 2018's travel trends and how the industry can get ready for a whirlwind year.

Growing opportunities for Low Budget Travellers
With the setups like hostels for travelers, various pocket-friendly low budget options have come up recently in India.The taxes and other expenses for moving around the country are comparatively lower from other foreign destinations, therefore, it also becomes a good choice for budget travelers from around the globe.

Visa on Arrival Boosting Tourism
Visa on arrival boost tourism as the visit of foreign visitors has been observed more, this policy is expected to be extended to more than 100 nationalities in the coming years.
Rise of Boutique Hotels
A recent surge in the number of boutique hotels in the country has offered a wide variety of staying options for tourists. These boutique hotels provide the comfort while letting the visitors indulge more in their surroundings, thus promoting tourism.
Exploring New Destinations
Domestic as well as international tourists both are expressing continued interest in exploring new and lesser-known destinations in the country.

So the opportunities for the future are amazing, the future of the Indian travel and tourism industry definitely looks bright with the latest trends prevailing. 

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9 Dec 2017 Tourism

New Tourism Development Projects Worth ₹57 Crore in Kozhikode

The government to invest Rs 57 crore, implement new tourism development projects in Kozhikode.Tourism Minister Kadakampally Surendran has said.

Observing the good tourism prospect in north Malabar the Kerala State Institute of Hospitality Management here on Thursday decided to open the works for boys’ hostel.

The government would implement new projects that are beneficial for local communities, promoting the eco-tourism and cultural-tourism. All the projects would be scrutinized to ensure about the quality.Mr, Surendran the tourism minister said “ the government will work on girls hostel would start from next year” he participated in the cake mixing ceremony and distributed sweets in orphanages.

Cultural zone
After the cake mixing ceremony, the minister introduced about the cultural zone at the Kozhikode beach. The tourism department plans how to go head with the cultural tourism to set up two more stages to utilize them as permanent venue rich heritage for more tourism for the Kerala Literature festival.

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17 Nov 2017 Tourism

Israel The New Biggest Tourist Attraction for Indians 2017

Israel, for the second consecutive year, has broken its tourism record. Its natural beauty and historical legacy attracting tourist worldwide - the healing water, centuries and the valleys has attracted 49000 Indians by October 2017 marking the growth of 34% from January to October rising the highest number so far...

Director of Israel Ministry of Tourism India addresses India as an important contributor, promoting Israel as a dynamic holiday destination for Indians.He Said “Tourism is an important contributor to the Israeli economy and since the beginning of the year, tourism has brought in $4.1 billion into the economy. In 2016, 45,000 Indians visited Israel and we have surpassed that number by October itself this year. We hope to have 60,000 Indian arrivals to Israel by end of 2017.”

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