Explore Philippines- The Training Destination Module

Posted on 24 May 2018

Pune, Maharashtra – Travind Institute of Travel & Tourism Management conducted The Philippines Training Destination Module, taking place at Travind Institute on  13 May 2018, in collaboration with Philippines Tourism Board. Travind Institute is proud to conduct such events on regular basis as a part of their curriculum providing in-depth knowledge of the subject matters pertaining to travel destination worldwide.

The module was conducted by Mr. Mandar Kelkar, who represented the tourism board of Philippines presenting the nitty-gritty of traveling to the Philippines. In the words of the speaker,“It’s More Fun in the Philippines!- the Department of Philippines always welcomes its tourists all over the world focusing on Leisure, FIT (Free Individual Traveler), Destination Weddings boosting the sustainable eco-tourism and medical tourism leading to the financial growth of the country.

He added saying “Usually such events are mostly conducted by travel agencies. I really appreciate the efforts taken by the Travind Institute to conduct such good events for its faculties and students. For the first time, I could interact one on one with the students, the upcoming leaders in travel and tourism industry”.

Our director Mr. Vivek More is constantly on the spree of adding more value to the courses conducted every day at Travind, be it the 9 Month diploma course or 6 months IATA certification. He always says, “Using such interactive training modules always has a good impact as it gives the exact and complete knowledge about the destinations covered in our courses with real-life scenarios and case studies as to how the industry works.”

The student enjoys such interactions with industry experts since they get to learn things straight from the horse’s mouth. This is practical training in a true sense. 
The institute celebrated the entire week ( 13 May 2018 - 19th May - 2018)  as 
The Philippines week exploring and studying the destination and the history of the country. 
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